I recently attended a MUD Product Development breakfast. It was informative and fun, you can read about it here.

For the past week I have been swatching and testing the products and am now ready to give you my feedback.

MUD Make-Up Design brings beauty buyers a range of colour cosmetics that offer affordable, achievable and convenient access to the best seasonal colours and on-trend looks each season.

Their price point ranges from RRP $3 to $12.  Their aim is to encourage all women to experiment with the latest looks, and to never think twice about keeping your beauty essentials fully stocked.

What I love is that I can incorporate my beauty purchases with my weekly grocery trips to the supermarket, with work and family to balance it sometimes can be a challenge to make an extra trip to a pharmacy or department store to purchase a beauty product that I am running low on.  Also hubby will never know if I slipped in a few products every so often into the trolley, the cost will barely flinch the total amount!

Gel Eyeliner

RRP $7

I've not used gel liners before.  Call me old fashion but I sometimes like to stick to the safer options. So I slipped off my grandma shoes and experimented.

On the packaging, it does say that this liner is waterproof and smudge proof.  The swatch in the image below could only be removed with makeup remover.  I did attempt to scrub with cleanser but my arm went red so I don't recommend to scrub it off your eyes.  So thumbs up to looking glam at the beach!

This is really cool, the brush is in the lid, when you unscrew the pot, pop the brush out, flip it over, and stick it back in the lid. This allows you more control as you work with the brush.  

The gel is very pigmented and dries down pretty fast after application.  The formula is really smooth and the eyeliner brush has the perfect firmness for a smooth application. There was no fall-out and lasted the whole day without running or smudging. 

CC Cream

RRP $10

This CC Cream correct redness, blur imperfections, brightens and primes. It is lightweight and is ultra-hydrating for all-day wear and has SPF30 benefits to protect your skin from the sun’s ageing rays.

First attempt I applied way too much. I had to cleanse my face and reapply.  I didn't realise a little goes a long way so when you first use it use very little and then just add.  I was going to include a photo of my face but I'm currently going through bad skin phase.  As I recovered from the flu I have broken out around my jawline and chin and feeling a little self conscience.

The light to medium colour was my colour.  This will suit most skin tones. I found the consistency to be a little thick but without it being thick it wouldn't cover.  The coverage was great, it toned down the redness on my cheeks and gave my face an all over even tone appearance. 

Liquid Foundation & Primer

Foundation RRP $6 & Primer RRP $10

Skin Perfecting Primer

We all know that a primer is the holy grail of any skin prepping for flawless make-up. MUD's Primer is a silky light formula that will smooth over fine lines, pores and mask imperfections for photo-finish skin. 

The primer has a lightweight lotion feel to it. It's smooth texture absorbs nicely onto the skin. There are not many primers on the market that I like. I have tried a few but tend to not use them but this one feels different.  After I applied my foundation, my complexion appeared smoother and flawless and very natural.  

The skin perfecting primer can be worn alone for a dewy glow, or glide your make-up effortlessly over its translucent finish. Suitable for all skin types.

Flawless Finish Foundation

This foundation has been the highest selling foundation in supermarkets in Australia.  How cool is that!

This foundation uses a gel base for an even buildable coverage, and added moisturisers for a silky finish.  It contains SPF15 to help protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

I can see why this has been a great seller.  It goes on so nicely and absorbs well too.  I feel like I am not wearing any makeup.  Its lightweight and smooth on the skin.  My foundation stayed put for the whole day.  I would have to say this is my most favourite item in the collection.

As for the colour.  It is perfect for the winter. I think I would go one shade darker for the summer.

Eye Shadow Palette

RRP $12

I really love the warm shades on this palette. The eye-shadow isn't drying and very easy to apply. It has a velvet finish allowing to smoothly blend the perfect smokey eye. With the lightest shade on the left you are able to use it a highlight on the high point of your cheekbone and across the brow bone.

I used the applicator to apply the eye-shadow. I also used my own brushes which I personally prefer, I'm not a makeup artist so I find it fiddly to use small applicators.

These colours are buildable so you can have as little for a subtle look or heavy for the evening.

These colours will suit all skin types. It's staying power is impressive with no touch ups required through the day.


RRP $5

These slimline lipsticks comes with a clear cap so you can easily see the shade. The formula is pretty pigmented and quite moisturising. The finish is somewhat glossy but not too glossy but with a sheerness to it. It doesn't stay on for long but this lippie is not really designed to be a long-wearing lipstick. 

I didn't mind the packaging. My lippies are usually the thicker bullets but I quite like the thinner bullet. The lid snaps on securely which is great.

The lippies did not appear patchy or sink into my lip lines which is great as that is one pet hate of mine with lipsticks.

Lip Pencils

RRP $6

These velvety lip liners are highly pigmented and trace the contours of your lips effortlessly thanks to their creamy texture.

The colours are really nice and not only blended well with the MUD lipsticks but I also used these with my other brands and the results were great.

Eyebrow Pencil

RRP $6

MUD Brow Pencil is an eyebrow pencil with a soft, buildable formula that allows for a range of looks, from gentle enhancement to full brow definition.

It features a precision tip for feathering and blending.

The brow pencil was easy to use and blended well. Even though I have dark eyebrows I found the blonde better for me as it filled in the spots that was missing hair without darkening my brows.

Nail polish

RRP $3

Loving these neutral colours. I'm not one for subtlety on the nails but was really surprised how flattering they were. The swatches below have two coats on the them. There was no streaks or lumps. 

I applied the Au Naturale on my nails and it wore really well. After a couple of days there were some chips on the tips of my nails, but then again I type alot as well as wash loads of dishes at home!  I get that with all polishes including the higher end ones.

Even though I loved all three of the colours, my favourite is Au Naturale.  It has a soft pastel pink tone.

I'm really surprised at the quality. I did expect them to chip after a couple of hours or even need three or four applications to get a smooth finish but I only need two coats to achieve it. 

I have to admit even though I purchase a range of high end and budget polishes I did have the preconceived idea that the cheaper the cost the less quality in the finish, as I have experienced this with some brands but this isn't so. Sometimes the price difference is not about quality of the product but the difference in the packaging and marketing. 

The man hours behind the scenes to create a range is just as time consuming as a high end product. A product idea, the range, the testing, the packaging etc is all part of the same process regardless of the brand.

So if you are a high-end snob (like I was) be open-minded to the budget brands, you will be utterly surprised. I can buy the entire MUD collection for less than the price of the Chanel nail polish!

MUD products are available exclusively to all Woolworths stores and online.

These products were provided to me at an event.