Waxaway salon quality use-at-home depilatory products are made by professional beauty therapists and are designed to be sensitive on the skin, meaning less redness, itchiness and bumps, common reactions experienced when using other waxes. They do need to go into the microwave (arrgghhh!) but are fail proof and safe. The only part that goes into a microwave is the cartridge and only for 10 seconds.

This Aquawax Roll-on kit is a 3 in 1 total body waxing kit. An easy to use water-soluble roll on wax cartridge for instant salon quality results. 

The kit comes with a rectangular bottle of heatable wax, and three different rolling applicators of different sizes, to be used on different parts of the body.

The largest size is designed for the legs.

The medium sized applicator is perfect for the under arm or bikini line.

And the smallest one is quite fine and is well suited for eye brow waxing.

 Also included were 12 reusable wax sheets, which are the standard size for a leg wax.

The instruction leaflet was clear and simple and required me to remove the two caps from the wax bottle, attach my chosen applicator, put the bottle of wax on a plate then pop it in the microwave on high for ten seconds.

Generally I use those instant wax strips, the ones that contain two sheets of plastic stuck together with wax in between. I was initially put off by this seemingly more complicated product, as I usually shy away from microwavable wax with separate wax strips. My past experience with this sort of thing has not been good, as I have found it time consuming, messy, and too easy to get it wrong. But I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of this product and the results were fantastic.

I chose to wax my legs for this trial, so attached the largest applicator and went to work! The wax was very easy to roll on, with a good consistency (not too sticky). I found there was a large margin of error for this process. I applied the wax thickly sometimes and others times thinly and still seemed to receive a perfect result. Each strip can be used at least several times before you have to give it a wash and dry, so 12 strips was more then enough.

I was expecting the whole process to be more time consuming than using my regular wax strips, but I actually found it easier and a lot more enjoyable! For every section of my legs I treated, not a single hair was left over, which is not my experience with the ready to go wax strips I ordinarily use. 

Usually I have to go over an area twice with my usual wax strips to get all the hairs, which leaves my skin a bit raw. Sometimes, even after two goes I still have a few stray hairs left over. I'm not able to wax an area a third time without ending up with very irritated skin.  With the applicator you can put wax on whatever area you need, tailoring the wax to what ever shape you need to, another aspect of this product that I really loved.

After I finished my leg wax, the clean up took several minutes. This wax is water soluble, so washing it off the strips and your skin is a breeze! I removed the applicator and washed it with warm water. I briefly soaked all the wax strips in warm water, followed by a quick rinse, and hung them to dry. 

Overall I found the clean up very quick and easy, and this formula dissolves like a dream. Usually I have to use oil to get remaining wax off my skin, and even add a bit of scrubbing, further irritating raw skin. This product has solved this problem for me.

The kit works well with bump eRaiser, a post wax anti-bacterial treatment to help prevent ingrown hairs. I used this gel in the shower after waxing. The product smells fresh with that distinctive anti-bacterial fragrance. It contains tea tree and orange oils, and guarana which is added to boost the skins energy. I like that this product can be used on any body part, even the face, and can also prevent pimples and break outs.

Bump eRaiser has an RRP of $16.75, which is reasonable. A little goes a long way with this product, as it creates a rich foam.

The Waxaway Aquawax salon at home kit retails for $17.95, which in my opinion is a steal. Given that I usually pay about that price for a 20 pack of ready to go wax strips, which are so much less effective then this product, an aqua wax kit is definitely better value.

Waxaway Aquawax & Bump eRaiser are available from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, Shaver Shop, leading salons, pharmacies & beauty outlets.

Or check out their website &

These products were sent for my consideration