Atkinsons of London is a 200-year-old fragrance house epitomising English eccentricity, style and impeccable manners. Founded in 1799 by James Atkinson, the perfume house is steeped in royalty – with Atkinsons proclaimed the official perfumer to the Royal Court of England in 1826.

In 1832, Atkinsons found new lodgings in 24 Old Bond Street. With its magnificent Carillon that chimes the hour to this day, the gloriously gilded building, entirely rebuilt from ground to spire after a dreadful fire, has been the object of much envy ever since, and is now justly celebrated in its own eponymous Cologne.

24 Old Bond Street is part of the Emblematic Collection. It is an Oriental fragrance for women and men. Launched in 2013 but only recently launched in Australia, has proved to be a success here as it is in the UK.

With it's aromatic cocktails of juniper, rose and black tea is deepened with a gorgeously eccentric note of smoky, oak, casked whiskey.

Juniper, Rose, Black tea, Oak casked whisky

The scent reminds me of the time we lived in Italy.  The well dressed men and women, the lifestyle and food.  A fragrance that I would spritz on a warm summers day, wearing a flowy dress, walking down the promenade with my partner discussing where to eat lunch.

I was quite surprised how much I liked this fragrance.  The scent on my skin was completed different to my partners. The pH levels on our skin affects the fragrance dramatically, appearing sweeter on my skin and more oaky on his.  I love how different we both smell but similar at the same time.

24 Old Bond Street 50ml - $145
24 Old Bond Street 100ml - $189

Atkinsons of London is available in David Jones. To find out more about their range visit their website at

Product was gifted during the media launch. My thoughts and review are not influenced by the brand