Last week I had my first waxing experience in my amazon forest region! I thought it was about time to control the area with a gentler method than traditional waxing.  

My first encounter with waxing was around 5 years ago on my legs.  With the first strip ripped off my shins I honestly thought I would head butt the ceiling. The pain was unbearable that I got off the table and said no more!  Even though I have a visible runway strip on my leg.  It felt like my skin was ripped off along with the hairs.  I never got waxed again.

Phâro Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and was developed by the ancient Egyptians.  A paste was made by boiling sugar, lemon and water and this ball was used to remove the hair. The ball (or paste) sugaring is still used as a form of hair removal but in many cases has been superseded by the Sugaring Gel or Strip Sugaring techniques.

The advanced natural formulations are made in New Zealand and developed for easy, effective, long term removal of body hair.

Ingredients included are Aloe Vera, a natural skin enhancer, Kiwifruit to leave the skin soft, smooth and nourished, Manuka Honey rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals and known for its anti-bacterial properties to heal and protect sensitive skin as well as lemon.  

Phâro Sugaring adds a new dimension to the hair removal experience, while delivering superior results. The gel is free from solvents and harsh additives and is made from natural ingredients for natural beauty. It is water soluble, washing off easily with warm water, eliminating the need for expensive post-waxing solvents. It adheres strongly to hair, but NOT skin, resulting in significantly less discomfort.

I was a little nervous but open minded with my first experience with sugaring.  The warm wax did feel strange when applied but soothing.  As the first strip was removed I expected to scream but I honestly didn't feel much pain, it felt similar to a flick.  I immediately began to relax and before I knew it I was pruned!  I experienced no irritation, no itch or sensitivity.  I went about my day  as normal and it did not feel like I had anything done.

Phâro Sugaring vs Waxing
  • Sugaring contains no no resins or Chemicals like traditional waxing methods do which can cause the skin to bruise, cause redness and pain when lifting off.

  • Sugaring washes off with warm water so if wax accidentally is applied to the wrong area a warm cloth can be used to wipe it away without irritating the skin. There is no painless way to remove traditional wax from body parts if its applied to the wrong area.

  • Sugaring will not remove fake tan!

  • Sugaring has up to 75% less discomfort compared to waxing. Sugaring attaches itself to the hairs not skin.

  • With the natural soothing ingredients in sugaring products, it will assist in protecting the skin whilst sugaring.

I will be returning to maintain my mane. The salon I attended was Maya Medispa in Woollahara. Maya was friendly and very understanding of my concerns about pain and reassured me immediately.

To discover Phâro Sugaring and locations, visit their website here.

I attended the treatment as a guest