Whenever I travel overseas I stock up on rollerball perfumes.  Rollerball fragrances are a mini version of the larger bottle fragrances.

Thanks to Sephora opening up in OZ, we now have a selection to wet the palette. Unfortunately not all the brands are currently available here but its a start!  Here is a list of my justifiable reasons why rollerballs are a must-have item.

They’re portable
Rollerballs are ideal for travel because they’re easily transportable. They are compact and lightweight. In your luggage you can pop them in your shoes or wrap them up with clothing and they will barely contribute to baggage weight. You can also keep one in your handbag for a touch-up spritz.

They’re adorable and don't cost a bomb
Most rollerballs range from $20 to $40, which isn’t too bad for a designer fragrance. You can have dozens of rollerballs compared to three or four bottles, depending on your hoarding status.

On point
With rollerballs, you can focus on applying the scent directly onto desired body points. You also avoid over spraying and smelling like a walking bottle of stink. Using less also costs you less!

They are seasonal and have an expiry date
Lets face it, the amount of fragrances that keep flooding the market, it is really hard to keep on top of all the latest ones that come out.  I love my fragrances and I can easily let my collection get out of control but with rollerballs I can get the best of both.  The fragrance I want at a fifth of the size and cost.

And if your like me, it takes years to finish a bottle and I want to move onto the next one.  That's where having three sisters come in handy, sharing makes it easier to go through them quicker.  

Do you own rollerballs, if so how many?  Do you prefer rollerballs to bottles or visa versa?