This picture is about Cafe Skin Scrub

There are new trends that are always so hot right now and then they go. But I think Coffee scrubs are here to stay. Coffee scrubs have been around for ages and is one of those ancient beauty secrets that has been around for forever.

Cafe Skin Scrub comes in a resealable foiled paper packaging. The contents of the coffee scrub is basically leftover coffee grounds. A simple ingredient that is most effective. Add some natural oils and you have the perfect body scrub. This coffee scrub is a mixture of coffee grounds, sweet almond oil and sweet orange oil to name a few.

This picture is about Cafe Skin Scrub

Coffee is known as a stimulant.  Speeds up the metabolism if drunk, wakes up the skin in skincare and stimulates circulation which in turn stimulates healing when used on the body.  There is nothing negative about coffee (except it can keep you up all night if you drink too much!)

Made from 100% natural ingredients this unique blend of coffee grounds and oils, formulated into an easy to use scrub  in a user friendly 200g bag.

I love the fragrance the Cafe Skin Scrub releases. It smells like sweet cocoa butter but not too intense.  The Cafe Skin Scrub is grittier than salt scrubs but softer that salt scrubs.  There is no scratching when used on the skin.

This picture is about Cafe Skin Scrub

The best way to use this scrub is in the shower when your skin is damp.  Make sure you turn the shower off when you are scrubbing your body.  In this instance for photography reasons I have used my hubby's hands as a tester as photos from the shower would not be suitable!

Here is a before shot of hubby's dry hands.  I thought he would also make the perfect candidate since his hands are pretty dry and results on photos will show up better.

This picture is about Cafe Skin Scrub

When using any products, instructions must be followed. For example; just like on your face when you cleanse or exfoliate you do so in a circular motion. You will not benefit from scrubbing up and down and sideways. You need to follow the circulating pattern of your body as it responds well to circular motion.

This picture is about Cafe Skin Scrub

Hubby exfoliated his hands in the kitchen sink.  I have used the scrub in the shower and the only downside of using coffee scrubs is the mess it leaves behind in the shower. It doesn't wash away as easy as other scrubs.  Coffee grounds go everywhere when it washes off.  After every shower, I've had to make sure I rinsed away all of the leftover coffee grounds on the wall and floor.

There is a slight greasy residue on the skin after its being rinsed off which is fine for me in the cooler months as my skin goes extremely dry but as you dry yourself that greasiness disappears and you are left with ultra smooth and soft skin.

This picture is about Cafe Skin Scrub

Hubby was really happy with the results.  His skin felt soft and smooth, it was really nice to touch.

As for the body, this product states that it targets cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections.  Skin stimulants, including exfoliating and scrubbing can assist in the reduction of skin imperfections and it does so by stimulating the skin and improving circulation in return improvement in skin condition, texture and the appearance of reduced cellulite as cellulite is caused by poor circulation. But this is over time not immediate.

In hindsight, I liked how the coffee scrub felt on my skin when exfoliating as well as after use. My skin felt really moisturised and is something I will continue using for a long time.

The Cafe Skin Scrub retails for around $10 a pack, and is available at all major pharmacies nationwide.

Product was provided for my consideration