My family and I have made lots of lifestyle changes this year. From increasing our physical activities to having a clearer mindset as well as changing the way we eat.
Being stuck in a rut is very easy to be in without knowing you are in one. We weren't short of positive words and ideas of what we should do but very little was put into action. I had to take a step back and re-evaluate our lives and realised that something needed to change otherwise my son will adopt our bad habits for the rest of his life.

We started with more physical activities, being outdoors. Setting goals and achieving them, being positive and clearing out the clutter in our lives, negativity and living simpler.

Changes have also been made to our diets. More fresh food, home cooking and less takeout. This was my biggest challenge as working full-time and looking after a family is exhausting, making ordering takeout very appealing. Sometimes to prepare healthy meals can take time and us mums lack time.

So when I saw a demonstration of the 'Boss Go To' from Breville at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch, I became excited at the endless possibilities of what can be created with just one appliance.

The Super Personal Blender uses a powerful 1000 watt motor and Breville's Kinetix blending action to blend up to 42% finer which increases absorption of nutrients and creates a smoother mouth feel.

It took me a good month before I opened the box and gave the Boss a go. I was feeling rather intimidated by it and to buy a litre of freshly squeeze juice from the local Top Juice seems far more appealing. But I realised I had to get outside of my comfort zone and attempt to create my own.

I have to admit it looked pretty good in my new almost completed kitchen. There it sat for another week before I braved the shops, stocked up on all the ingredients to attempt and make my first smoothie.

I chopped up the ingredients and added water.  I also added a teaspoon of superfood greens by Blackmores.

I attached the base with contains the blade. 

 With a turn to the left the blender was off doing its thing. 

The results? An almost perfect green smoothie. It tasted amazing but it was very thick with bits. I worked out that the green apples had an abnormally thick skin that was even almost impossible to break down with my teeth. Second attempt after peeling the skin, the smoothie was perfect. 

I found that it was better using red apples as the skin blended better.

Feeling really motivated, I made my son a super healthy smoothie each day after school. Super easy. Scoop of coconut milk ice cream, yoghurt, milk and a teaspoon of Blackmores cacao.

30 seconds later, the smoothie was done!

The days that I haven't been able to do a smoothie, my son has expressed his ultimate disappointment. But on an occasion like this he loves it.

So whether it’s a deliciously creamy smoothie or a super green juice the Boss helps you prepare what you need. We all know that the healthiest of food is often made with tough ingredients but with the right tools, tough can be made smooth.

What you get with the Boss To Go
The unit comes with two 500ml tumblers plus a larger 700ml one, all with travel lids for drinking on the go. It also comes with a stainless steel mill so you can make your own flour & break down nuts & seeds as well as a recipe book to get started. 

All the components fit into the base unit very easily and all you need to do is lock the container in and move it to the left to operate.

For more information about the Boss To Go visit their website

For recipe ideas you can download PDF format from

This blender was given to me for my consideration