We are big avocado eaters and consume at least one avo a day. Before using this new tool I was like anyone else. Slicing my avocado with a knife ending up with ugly slices of avocado and making a good ol' mess.

There’s more than one way to skin an avocado, but only one tool that cuts, de-pits, scoops, slices, and mashes. This multi-tasking utensil is called the Avo Shark and was engineered by Australian Paul English to handle every step of avocado prep safely and effortlessly.

The Avo Shark is compact and fits in any drawer.  It comes with a  protective sheath to cover the blade and is dishwasher safe.

The outside blade is used for cutting the avocado in half.

As well as slicing.

Turn the Avo Shark around and use the scoop for removing avocado flesh from the shell.  The scoop has been cleverly designed to suit avocados of all shapes and sizes.

To de-pip, grip the top "teeth" into the top of the pip, then push the pip removal slide forward to grip bottom "teeth" firmly into the bottom of the pip.  Now simply lift the pip out.

Holy moley, I made guacamole! You can mash your avo with the scoop end.  The masher and blade are elevated to prevent mess on the counter.  It cuts my time in half when preparing for dips.

I love my kitchen gadgets especially when they make my life easier at home. The Avo Shark is so easy to use as well as safe for all age. My son loves de-pipping but hasn't mastered the scooping yet!

The Avo Shark retails for $14.95 is available at major retails stores including Myer.  For stockists visit


  1. Great review, I love it, love the item as well, thank you for sharing!!!


  2. LOL I am a massive sucker for kitchen gadgets and this looks awesome! Trangles xoxo


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