Cleansing your face is the most important step in your daily skincare regime and you will be surprised as to how many of you are not cleansing properly.  This leads to congested skin, break-outs and a dullness complexion.

We can look in the mirror and think that we have washed our faces properly but what the eye can't see is what could be the root of most skin problems.

To ensure that you get a good deep clean is to either cleanse twice with using your hands in a circular motion for a minute at a time or use a cleansing brush that does the hard work for you.

This powerful cleansing device utilises sonic frequency to cleanse your skin in just 60 seconds and gentle enough for everyday use. It effectively removes dirt and excess makeup that you wouldn’t remove by the use of a cleanser and cotton pad alone.

The Purasonic kit comes with the cleansing handle, two brushes, charger, USB cable and stand.

This is about Purasonic face cleansing brush

To charge it's simple as plugging it in and placing the round disc on the 'O' on the handle.

This is about Purasonic face cleansing brush

 They are magnetic so they will unite as one!

The purasonic facial cleansing brush, handle, brush head and base are waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. 

This is about Purasonic face cleansing brush

It ergonomically fits nicely in my hand giving me ease and comfort when using.

The purist sonic is pre-programmed to offer a one minute cleansing program that consists of 20 seconds on the forehead 20 seconds on the nose and chin regions and 10 seconds on each cheek. The T-zone timer will prompt you to change location on your face with a brief interruption to oscillation.

The Purasonic's oscillations work within the skin's natural elasticity, gently massaging pores back and forth to help dislodge trapped make-up, dirt and debris. 

For effective cleaning use warm water to work both the brush head and the skin you will be cleansing and apply your choice of cleanser on the brush head. Make sure you do not press the brush too hard against your skin as this will limit motion effectiveness.

There are three speeds to choose from.  Sensitive, normal and intense.  Changing the brush speed allows you to target specific skin concerns.




I truly love the Purasonic cleansing brush.  I do not know why I have wait so long to actually try it. My skin has never looked better.  It is clearer and softer and smoother.  I have also found that my makeup actually sits better on my skin.

The ultimate bestest thing about this device is using it in the bathtub.  While you lay there relaxing you can massage your face clean.  Love it!

The Purasonic comes in a variety of colours - Arctic White, Lovely Lilac, Perfectly Pink and Zesty Yellow.

The Purasonic retails for $99, a definite must-have to everyone's beauty regime.

For stockists call (07) 5564 6767 or visit their website at

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