Tuesday, 19 April 2016


With Winter looming we tend to hibernate our bodies in thick, warm and cuddly clothes and huddle around an oil heater. Our skins become drier as we neglect parts of our body until Spring comes around the corner and then we end up doing intense exfoliation to get our bodies to be bikini ready for summer.

If we all did a little maintenance during Winter our body will look and feel better by the time the warmer months arrive.

1000 Hour™ Softsole is a safe & effective at home treatment to exfoliate your feet. Softsole softens calluses and cracked heels and removes hardened skin from your feet.   It's so easy to use and requires very little effort.  No need to leave the home and battle the cold weather to head to your beauty salon.

A picture of exfoliating foot peel

My first impressions of 1000 Hour Softsole Express Exfoliating Foot Peel, less packaging than other brands.  It's compact and barely takes up space in the bathroom if you want to buy a few and store.

If you have never used one before, OMG where have you been?  Foot peels are ah-mazing.  Gone are the days that I would spend $60-$90 for a pedi that included a half-hearted exfoliation and callus removal process.

Remove the booties from the packaging, this is what they look like. Adhesives are included to help you secure the wrap around your ankle.  Cut along the dotted line, slip on your feet and voila.

Once you have put the wraps on, cover your feet with a pair of socks that way you can walk around if you need to and it prevents from any product leakage.   Leave the wraps on for 90 minutes and then rinse.

For best results it's always better to do when you've had a shower and your feet are nice and soft. This will make the product work deeper giving you a better result.

This simple pedicure treatment removes rough skin after one application and hardened skin begins to peel after 3-7 days, revealing softer skin in just two weeks.  Peeling for me started on the 4th day. It's different for everyone.

I loved the peeling process, it reminds me of the school days when I used to roll glue on my hands, wait for it to dry and then peel it off. I know, the feet are different, it's gross but totally worth it.

It's affordable, easy and effective.  Designed for the perfect do-it-yourself pamper pedicure. 

Softsole Express is available at Priceline stores nationwide and online at www.1000hour.com.au for an RRP $8.99.


  1. I really should treat my feet to something like this! I always forget about them, but I'd love softer smoother tootsies!

  2. hmmmm i should really try this.. my feet are atrocious during winter LOL DF xoxo



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