Percy & Reed have one of the most prettiest packaging on the market.  It makes my bathroom cabinet look really girly.

Paul Percival and Adam Reed are the hairdressing duo behind the brand.  With a salon in London, they decided to create their own brand that is affordable to everyone.  Their extensive range is available in Sephora Australia.  I currently have two of their products in my bathroom cupboard that I am using. 

RRP $42

Shine & Fragrance Spray
This shine & fragrance spray has notes of all things that remind you of an English garden: Rhubarb, Rose , Peony, Geranium, Wood and Honey. 

Love a dual-purpose product!  It sprays a fine mist over the hair leaving a subtle sheen that can be built up to get the desired glossiness that you want. Don't bombard your mane with half a can of shine, build the product up slowly to exactly what you want it to look like or you will look like you are on a hair washing strike.

I found that on my hair, it was nice and light and gave a nice healthy shine to my coloured and styling tool affected hair.  

RRP $25

Invisible Dry Shampoo
If you have been following me for a while you may already know that I love my dry shampoos.

So, to discover on one that is invisible is even more exciting. Whoever is a fan of dry shampoos and have dark brown hair only knows how hard it is to make sure you are not left with white patches on your head after using it.  Even the best ones on the market sometimes are a challenge, but this doesn't stop me from using them as it's my one and only permanent staple in my haircare regime.

Normally with any dry shampoo, you spray, leave for a minute and brush it out, with this one, you spray and then massage through into the roots using your fingers. There is no white powder residue and it nicely tidies up my mane also giving me volume and control.

By the end of the day my hair still looked ok good without any evidence of oil or stickiness or flatness.

As I'm always in Sephora, browsing, testing, ahem buying, all in the good name of research! 

All products are available at Sephora Australia