A picture of Elizabeth Arden Grand entrance mascara

Elizabeth Arden will be launching their latest innovation mascara 'Grand Entrance' this April. 

There are some pretty impressive claims offering dramatic volume, length and lift – could it be the perfect mascara? 

Elizabeth Arden say;

“Grand Entrance Mascara amplifies lashes with every stroke. Featuring a distinctive, 3-in-1 triangular brush technology, it creates customised and dramatic lash effects. Its ergonomic curved reservoir precisely transfers the perfect amount of product onto lashes for outrageous body without clumping.” 

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara's glossy, long-wear and water resistant formula effortlessly coats lashes to separate, extend and intensify their appearance giving the result of an all-day lift and curl that won't flake, smudge or dry out.

This multi-benefit mascara boasts an emollient rich and vitamin fortified formula that conditions, treat and protects lashes. It's advanced peptide-based Last Building Complex instantly create high-definition volume and lived for false lashes effect.

The wand features a distinctive, 3 in 1 triangular brush technology to create customised and dramatic last effects.

The wand is slightly curved, with silicone bristles - the bristles are slightly flexible so they bend with your lashes making it easier to apply and curl.

The top of the wand has lots of bristles which point upwards to reach every lash on your outer corners of your lash line.

So what makes this mascara different to what is currently on the market?

Elizabeth Arden 'Grand Entrance' Mascara is made up of several key ingredients:

Lash Building Complex it's a vitamin fortified peptide complex that locks onto lashes like a magnet for volume and lift.

Olive Esters is an emollient-rich extract that coats and separates individual lashes, helping to condition, treat and protect lashes for clump- and flake-free definition.

Rice Bran Esters is a vitamin B complex and essential fatty acid-rich extract that helps to condition lashes for an overall healthier and plumper appearance.

Carnauba Esters is a moisturising extract that helps to support the appearance of longer lashes.

The word 'Esters' has been mentioned in the ingredients. I'm not familiar with the meaning, so I did some research.

Esters are an organic compound formed when an acid and an alcohol combine to release water. Animal and vegetable fats and oils are esters.

Esters are water soluble and provide outstanding emolliency and conditioning with virtually any body or beauty product.

From research and trialling, what sets this mascara apart from the rest would not only be the wand but also the ingredients to help achieve the look.

I absolutely love this mascara. As the bristles vary in length and width they coat every lash. Using the mascara for a couple of weeks I found that it never smudged, flaked or dried my lashes out.  It separates, gives volume and leaves my lashes feeling soft instead of hard and stiff. When removing my mascara, I have had less lashes fall out which is a definite plus for me.

As you can see from the before and after shots I think it's easy to say that Elizabeth Arden's claims have been proven!

The clinical tests showed the following results; 162% increase in curl, 100% of women felt that their lashes appeared longer and amplified, 96% of women felt that their lashes appeared defined with a dramatic effect and 93% of women felt that their lashes were instantly lifted.

I don't know the percentage results on my lashes but it is obviously thicker and longer.

The Grand Mascara is available Australiawide on the 17th April and RRP $42.00.  For more information on Elizabeth Arden visit their website.