I've heard very little about the brand W7 until now. I did a little research on the brand and found out that W7 Cosmetics have been around for over 10 years as is one of the fastest growing budget makeup brands in the UK!

With more and more brands entering the Australian market, the cosmetic industry is becoming very competitive and for a brand to survive, they have to be quality products with an attractive price tag. Budget makeup is definitely making a strong comeback with better range of colours as well as improvement in quality.

So I am pleased to trial for you some products that were sent for my consideration, to trial.

Bronzer: I'm not much of a bronzer type of gal but this matte bronzer is ideal for contouring, I really like it. The powder glides onto the skin easily, which I like, making it easy to contour. At my age contouring is a lot more beneficial that bronzing. For the girls in their 20s or 30s bronzing is more suited. The bronzer stayed put all day, so pleased with this product.

Chunky Eyes in Coffee: I love this colour. It does have a shimmer which I like. It is more of a subtle gold colour, a colour that will complement all skin tones.

The colour isn't very pigmented as you can see if give the eye a soft shine.  The pencil is soft and creamy and glides smoothly over the lids.  Its quick and easy to use especially if you're limited in time.

Wild Lash lengthening Mascara: Packaging resembles Maybelline mascaras with its sturdy curved tube. The wand is slim with short bristles, which makes it easy to coat the smaller lashes, and has a slight hour-glass shape.

The formula is very thin and required quite a few coats to really give any impact.

The product separates every lash and does not clump giving you a more delicate look with longer lashes.

Lipstick Go West Matt Lipstick: Perfect Pink is a hot pink and is the grainiest of the lot. From a normal viewing distance (below) it doesn't look too bad, but up close... it's just not a pretty picture. And it looked so promising in the tube, too! This had the longest wear time though, lasting four and a half hours. non drying

Perfect Pink is a gorgeous block colour.  Creamy and buildable.  Apply one coat for a subtle glow or reapply to intensify the colour.  There is no shimmer or sheen but there is a slight gloss to it.

Lipstick 'Forever Red' - Is an alluring red shimmery lippy and surprisingly a nice colour.

a picture of W7 lipstick

The pigment is stronger than the Go West range.  One application is fine.  I did find the lipstick a bit gritty on the lips, not sure if its the glitter/shimmer.

Quad Eye shadow Palette in Shades of Grey: Comes in a sturdy plastic box with a transparent lid. I prefer transparent lids on eye shadows as this makes it super easy to see the colours without opening the box. The shape of the eyeshadow palette reminds me of the Chanel Les 4 Ombres palettes. Curved making it easier to get product on the brush.

a picture of eyeshadow palette

I tend to use my own makeup brushes as I find you get more control and flexibility when applying the product than you do using the applicators that normal come with eye shadows.  Regardless of the brand the small applicators are all the same.  

The colours are highly pigmented and very shimmery. In the palette you can see the four stunning colours but when I swatched the colours, the bottom two colours were almost identical which I found strange as they didn't look the same on the palette.

Nail Polish in 'Pink Mirror': A nice shimmery metallic nail polish. The consistency was good and applied really well, which I'm surprised as budget nail polishes tend to disappoint me. As you can see in the nail swatch the coverage is really good and I only applied two coats. There are no streaks or lumps. An overall good nail polish.

A picture of W7 nail polish

BB Magic Cream: This BB Cream is of medium consistency.  I've never been a fan of BB creams due to the way it feels heavy on my skin but this one feels more like a foundation than a BB cream which I like.

The BB Cream Magic is not oily, blends well and provides a matt finish.  The colour I'm using is Shade 02.

In this photo I am makeup free (except for mascara).  I have applied the BB cream to half of my face so you can see the difference.  The redness on my cheek have been covered, not fully as I applied a very thin layer of the product.

BB Cream applied only to the right side of face

Photo Shoot 16 Hour foundation: It claims to be budge proof.  I used the foundation over a period of a week to see how my skin handles the product.

A picture of w7 budge proof foundation

The foundation is really creamy and blends so easily into my skin. It has fantastic coverage giving me a flawless finish.  The foundation is oil and shine free.  After a hard day at work my face still looked fresh .

There is only one downside to this product.  There is no pump!  It's a massive pain in the bum to get out! When your pushed for time in the morning the last thing you want to do is banging the glass bottle on your hand waiting for the product to come out.  I'm a messy makeup applier, I need simple and easy methods.

Light Diffusing Concealer: claims to banish imperfections effortlessly for a soft, clear complexion. This anti-fatigue and illuminating concealer leaves the skin delicate around the eye area looking radiant and smooth for up too 8 hours.

A picture of w7 light diffusing concealer

The packaging looks really similar to the Touche Eclat , golden metallic twisting pen. It looks as pricey as the YSL.

The colour I received was too pink for my skin, so when I applied it didn't look right on my face. The photo I have taken the colour looks more yellow but on my skin it looks more pink.

I can report though on the application.  I could not feel or see the difference between this product and a more superior brand.  The texture and thickness felt exactly the same.

So there you have it. A run down of some of the W7 products that I have tried. I'm extremely surprised in the quality you get for the price. You honestly can't go wrong.  Prices start from $4.99.

W7 Cosmetics is available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot.
Check out their website to see their entire range at www.w7cosmetics.co.uk

These products were provided for my consideration


  1. Have been using this brand for 5 years now, and my only complaint is that the eyeshadows need a primer or to be applied wet, to work well. Although they also have a softer effect, which I like, compared with other brands. Other than that, this brand is as good as expensive ones I used to use.


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