Did you know that 76% of Australians have at one point in their life experienced a cold sore, if not on a recurrent basis.

There are many contributing factors that trigger a cold sore break out from wind and sun exposure, low immune system, to illness, stress and fatigue. ViraproX is a preventative moisturising balm to keep cold sores away and under control and helps relieve the discomfort if one develops. In which during this time one should abstain from kissing and sharing of food, feeding and drinking utensils, as the virus is contagious!

Today I am trialling ViraproX Triple Action Lip balm, and although I do not get cold sores I do however suffer from dry, chapped lips from being constantly outdoors due to an active lifestyle.  It comes in a handy squeezable tube which makes for easy application.  I prefer this form instead of a lipstick style lip balm as for some reason they always end up messy in my handbag.

The texture of the lip balm is thick and somewhat oily but not greasy.  On my first application, I accidentally applied too much of the lip balm and was left with an unpleasant oily mouth and throat. My lips were definitely soft, smoother and well nourished. I didn't mind the menthol- licorice taste, which is unlike the usual fruity lip balms I use. This serves as a clever reminder that it's actually medicated and with a purpose!

The flavour resembles a remedial tea I once drank overseas in Serbia to treat headaches and migraines. Personally I love the fact that ViraproX contains a broad spectrum SPF 30 to protect my lips while I'm out in the sun. Perfect for sports people such as surfers, tennis players, golfers. Even gardeners, hikers and climbers. Indeed those who are exposed to the elements and like me with constant chaffed lips.

So on my second application I was careful to use only the most tiniest amount, which resulted in happy, shiny, hydrated lips. I am impressed with how light it feels on and that it's not at all sticky. Kudos to the manufacturer and marketing who kept the printing of the words 'cold sore' in smaller, discreet font, so users don't feel embarrassed or self-conscious if their tube is left on public display.

I'm a firm believer "prevention is better than cure"!

At $7.95 ViraproX is definitely the go for lip balms, whether you are prone to cold sores or not.

ViraproX is exclusively available in pharmacies. To find a stockists or for more information on ViraproX visit their website

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