I was recently given a self-tanning product by a good friend who overheard me complain that I hated my ridiculous tan lines. I remember the first self-tanning products that came on the market, which I tried with a bunch of high school friends. We thought we were so cool back then. But I shudder as I look at the photos of us in our school uniform, big happy smiles and OMG orange faces. I was reminded of sickly plastic smells, streaky limbs, stained palms, chocolate brown at the beginning and neon orange when it started to fade. That was the first and last time I self-tanned.

Since then I have been blessed with a natural, outdoor tan from former years as a professional tennis player but unfortunately not all over my body. I have managed to even out my once hideous sock line but my skirt line is still quite noticeable. 

I've heard about all the latest self-tanners, great new formula's, improved products, awesome finishes. I was definitely intrigued, so I accepted her gift and decided to give Fake Bake Matte Medium a go. 

The pretty pink packaging looked simple yet classy, I was feeling excited. I was instantly drawn to the words on the front of the box "Golden Faux Glo Bronzer" and "Streak free, Easy Application". 

Fake Bake was the first self-tan line to combine the naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose to offer next-generation results that incorporated improved natural colour development, greater colour intensity, increased evenness of coverage, reduced streaking and longer lasting tan results with a slower fade rate.

After reading the box, the tube and the instruction leaflet enclosed I felt ready and confident. I started by showering and exfoliating to prep my skin. I dried off completely, slipped on their handy rubber gloves and applied the product in circular motions all over my body, as evenly as I could. I liked that the self-tan lotion is darkly pigmented which meant I could see where I was putting it on.

Before applying the tan

It has a smooth consistency and smelled deliciously of vanilla. It doesn't state how long I should wait before I could dress or lie down, but claims that it is transfer resistant, so I assumed when it dried I would be safe. Boy was I surprised at how quickly the lotion is absorbed, so work quickly and blend well. For trickier areas such as the knees, ankles, feet, elbows and hands you can rub over a little of your moisturising cream to tone it down a bit on these parts.

After applying the tan

Thanks to my girlfriend's generous gift the result were fantastic! I am impressed with my gorgeous radiant glow. Fake Bake Matte Medium hid my pale upper thighs, beautifully concealing and blending them to a believable, all-over natural tan. As this was the Matte Medium I think this is best suited for those with medium, olive to darker skin tones. Unless the pale really, really want to go noticeably deep bronze then I would suggest they try the lighter version instead.

What's even better is Fake Bake formulations are free from parabens, artificial preservatives and are non-comedogetic, so they won't clog pores. Further, a wash-off cosmetic colour guide makes for a flawlessly even application every time.

Super easy to use and a great product to look naturally tanned, as though you've just come back from a tropical island holiday.

Fake Bake products are available through Priceline, select salons nationally or online at .

For full stockists details please call 1300 787 587 For further information.

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  1. Fake Bake has to be one of my favourite brands so far for some extra colour!


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