When it comes to body sprays or eau de toilette, which one are you?  Floral, citrus, woody kind of gal? I've picked two of my faves.

Eau de toilette
So...? Superstar contains a wondrous mix of passionfruit and oranges, perfect for summer!

With top notes of  passionfruit and oranges, and middle notes of freesia and lily of the valley which blends deliciously with a smooth base of cedarwood, almond and musk.

The fragrance is more concentrated than the body spray, use once in the morning and the fragrance is longer lasting. When using the two together it enhances the fragrance as well prolongs the scent on the body.

Generally, I change my fragrances per season. So...? has an extensive range of fragrances and body sprays to suit each season.

What is even great is that I have used these two together and they complement each other. I use the fragrance in the morning and have the body spray in my handbag for freshening up in the afternoon. The scents do not clash or overpower each other.

Body Spray
So...? Sinful contains a sweet sumptuous mix of scents with top notes of mint and pineapple, middle notes of violet and strawberry and base notes of vanilla, praline and musk.

I know, you may think it is an over sickly sweet smell but surprisingly not! The fragrance is sweet but not over the top, I actually quite like it. Each fragrant blends in nicely into each other giving it an overall sweet but subtle smell. 

The body spray is a lighter fragrance, where topping up whenever you want throughout the day to freshen up or as I sometimes use it for, refreshing stinky train carriages. the scent doesn't last all day which is why you can never overdose yourself with the body spray.

What's great is that they are inexpensive and perfect for every budget. So..? products are sold at Priceline and Big W Australia wide. Prices starts at $4.95.

To find a stockists go to their website at