Since my son was born, I've had to be extremely careful with what products I used on his skin as he suffers from mild eczema. Learning the hard way by using certain baby products my son developed skin irritations, rashes and scaly patches.

Going back 8 years ago, organic and natural products were fairly new on the market, with only several brands dominating the industry and none of them were organic.

During one of our parent meet ups during the first few months of motherhood, I was told about the brand Weleda. I've been using it ever since. 

Even though my son is no longer a baby, I don't see the reason why I should change products when Weleda works well. This is why I love washing my son with Weleda’s Calendula products; Calendula Cream Bath and Shampoo and Body Wash, which I use when he either in the bath or shower.

The Weleda Calendula Cream Bath is a gentle, all-natural with organic sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil and a light fragrance made from chamomile and calendula essential oils. It smells calming and amazing.

The Cream Bath has a thin milky consistency.  It doesn't foam or bubble up.  I don't squeeze it through running water. I fill the bath tub and then squeeze the product in to the bath and swish it around with my hand.  The tub water turns a milky white colour.  It is so moisturising for the skin that I don't always moisturise my son's skin after bathing.

Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash is designed with the mildest organic and natural plant-based cleansers, this shampoo and body wash is gentle on the eyes and skin.  This wash has more of a thicker consistency and does produce bubbles when used in the bath tub. It is just as moisturising as the cream bath.

As friends and family popped out babies, I never hesitated when selecting products as gifts especially when it's based on personal experience. My sister recently gave birth to a gorgeous boy and I purchased her this gift pack and she loved it. Gift packs are a great way for parents to trial the products before buying the full size.

I don't usually endorse or highly recommend many products, but this is a brand I buy regularly and I do highly recommend it.

The Calendula range prices start from $14.95 and is available at health food stores, pharmacies and online.

Weleda not only cater for children but also for adults.  To see the entire Weleda range of products, hop onto their website and check it out.