Skin Food is one of the many products in the extensive Weleda range. Known for its natural quality ingredients and being effective, it contains an exotic combination of deep moisturising antioxidant herbs that feed and soothe rough and dry skin. 

I used Weleda Skin Food for my shaving rash on my lower legs. I sometimes get very uncomfortable dry skin and rashes, especially after using a worn out razor. My go to product for this is usually sorbolene, and generally only makes little difference.

Skin food is a thick, semi sticky cream that requires rubbing in, just like a barrier cream, only difference is the skin absorbs it beautifully leaving no sticky or greasy residue.

I found Skin Food pretty much cured my shaving rash over night. After applying it for a couple of days my legs were transformed to silky smooth with no irritation or evidence of a rash.

The cream contains lanolin, an oil derived from wool, and which is used in hospitals to treat wounds. Lanolin creates a breathable protective layer to the skin, while deeply moisturising. The cream also contains calendula which is very soothing to inflammation.

The cream has a very medicinal and soothing feel to it, and while I applied it I just knew it would do me good!  Skin Food also has aided in softening the skin around my knees and elbows.  I also applied it to my lips.  I found this to be more moisturising than a lip balm.

Overall I'm very impressed with the product and how effective it is. Next I'll be trying it on my rough knees and elbows!

Skin Food is an allrounder top to toe beauty must-have.  Perfect for any ages young or old. 

Weleda Skin Food comes in two sizes 30ml for $14.95 and 75ml for $21.95.  Both are available at  For stockists check out their website.