L-R: Coral Reef, Perfect Pear, Mint Julep, Forget Me Not, Pink Perfect

I’ll start by saying coloured mascaras are one of my favourite things ever. They are fun and can really bring a whole eye look together with the right colour combos. 

NYX have outdone themselves again bringing out a funky range of mascaras, to play, have fun and look bloody awesome at the same time!

My favourite out of the lot would be the 'Forget Me Not' and Pink Perfect.

Forget Me Not
NYX mascaras are the best and most affordable colour mascaras currently on the market.  In the above photo, I have only given my lashes about three coats.  Coverage, product application to lengthen was really good.  staying power was pretty good as well. There were no smudges or flakes falling off throughout the day.

I really like the brushes.  They are thin making it easier to apply close to the eyelids without making a mess.  I'm really impressed of the quality of these mascara, it is definitely value for money.

NYX coloured mascara are available at all Target stores and Target online store. At $12.95 you can afford to buy all 5! 

Have you ever used coloured mascara?  If so, what is your favourite colour?