Natura Siberica is a fairly new brand in my beauty radar.  I was introduced to the brand at a bloggers event I recently attended, BloggersUnitedAU.

Natura Siberica is an all natural brand direct from Siberia.  On the day I received two products, the Oblepikha Shampoo & Conditioner.

I absolutely love foreign products hitting our shores, we need more variety and choice! So what is Oblepikha? Berries! Also known as Buckthorn berries. They are exceptional natural source of vitamins A , E and C. Excellent for your skin and overall well-being.

The packaging very inviting.  I'm a sucker for beautiful prints and packaging when it comes to products.  No I'm not that shallow I do see beyond the packaging when it comes to beauty products. But I do like to scatter lots of pretties around the bathroom!

Just on first impressions on the packaging range though you would never think that these are available at Chemist Warehouse and at really affordable prices. 

Before I use new products, I always sniff anything I apply to my hair and body. Before washing my hair I took a big sniff and shivered from the smell.  At first its nice but then that sour bite hits you right up your nostril.  The only thing I can compare it too is citrus foods going off and sour. I guess that's because of the active organics with no perfumes to mask its smell.  That didn't turn me off, when I applied the shampoo the scent changed to a more pleasant and inviting fragrance.

I like the colour of both products, it has a natural look to it.  The shampoo consistency isn't as thick some other brands which is fine as it foamed up just nicely.

Shampoo (L) - Conditioner (R)

The conditioner also wasn't thick, again it was OK, because at the end of the day if it has good moisturising properties in it, the thickness isn't going to matter.

Once I blow dried my hair, it felt soft with no tangles.  It was very easy to style with very few frizzy bits.  The conditioner didn't weigh down my roots, which is a plus as I usually like putting conditioner on my roots every now and again.

The Siberica Range is available at Chemist Warehouse or online


  1. I love this product :) My hair usually gets itchy the following day after crappy shampoo, but were excellent and kept my hair healthy for a few days :)

  2. I would love to try the shampoo and conditioner, as I really like what I've tried from it so far!


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