I'm no MUA, but I love and am obsessed with makeup. I have a drawer full of lippies, mascaras, eye shadow, blushes, bronzers etc. When applying makeup I always try to copy a look.  For example, the smokey eye. I attempt, fail and try again but it all boils down to the quality of the brushes I use.

I've always struggled with knowing which brush is for what, even though many of them had names on them, after time the writing does fade and then I forget.

After discovering Real Techniques it was clear that I had to cull my ridiculously large brush collection down to a handful by tossing all the ones that they were working against me, which were 90% of them!

The Bold Metals Collection is a new range of brushes that have been added to their range. The softness and quality of these brushes are unbelievable. With their striking sleek metallic detailed handles, they scream style and luxe. The handles are weighted for optimal control and comfort.

Designed by internationally renowned professional makeup artists and beauty vloggers, Sam and Nic Chapman, the new luxury makeup brushes are available in the sleek metallic gold, rose gold and silver colours.

Real Techniques have cleverly simplified their range by colour-coding their brushes to correspond to the key steps of make-up application:
Gold = Base
Platinum = Eye
Rose Gold = Finish

The two brushes I am reviewing are the 300 Tapered Blush Brush and 201 Pointed Crease Brush.

300 - Tapered blush brush
The tapered blush brush has an expert designed bristle shape which provides focused application of cheek colour. Be light handed when applying blush use less product.

Due to the dense bristles, it picks up a lot of colour. the bristles are perfectly spaced for an air-brushed, buildable application. Giving you a more professional look.

The tapered blush brush is not only good for blushing those cheeks it is also suitable for contouring and finishing powders

The brush fits ergonomically well in my hands allowing me to manoeuvre the brush easily.

201 Pointed Crease Brush
I call it the eye shadow brush.  As you can see from my collection, this is the fanciest one I own!

Densely packed, tapered soft bristles make applying eye shadow for smokey effect seem achievable.

When picking up colour, the same technique applies.  Only apply lightly and build from there.  Due to the dense bristles the colour grabs onto the brush really easily.  You pick up the product with tip, and then the rounded sides blend out the product seamlessly. 

So what makes Bold Metal Collections different from others? The biggest difference lies in the density of the bristles. The bristles on the brushes are tightly packed giving you a more effective and even application and distribution of product.

The bristles on these brushes are all synthetic which is what I prefer. Cleaning them is a breeze.  I have only been using these brushes for around a month now and I haven't noticed and shedding yet which is a good sign.

I do love the design of these brushes.  It does add a more luxe feel to my make-up collection.  I will definitely be adding more to my collection by heading to my local Priceline and stocking up.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality, design and looks of these brushes. They are incredibly well-made and affordable as well.

If you want to learn some tips and tricks check out this tutorial from beauty expert, Rachael Brook,

In line with existing Real Techniques collections, the brushes are colour-coded by area of application:

100 Arched Powder – The domed cut of this divine brush sweeps perfectly across the face for flawless application of pressed or loose powders. RRP: $65.
101 Triangle Foundation – A dual function makeup brush, which includes a flat edge to cover large areas of the face and angled edges for contouring around the eyes and nose. RRP: $59.

200 Oval Shadow – A full, round shaped eye brush allowing for all-over lid application and seamless blending. RRP: $39.
201 Pointed Crease – The ultimate smoky eye tool, this brush has densely packed, tapered bristles to apply eye shadow for a smoky effect. RRP: $39.
202 Angled Liner – A must-have eye makeup tool, the firm, slanted head of this brush fits close to lash line for the smooth, even application of eyeliner. RRP: $39.

300 Tapered Blush – Essential for detailed makeup application, the specially designed tip of this brush highlights and sculpts across cheeks for a seamless finish. RRP: $59.
301 Flat Contour – Designed to create contours, this brush features a dense and narrow shaped head to shadow and highlight targeted areas and play-up features perfectly. RRP: $65.

What brushes do you have in your collection?  Have you used Real Techniques, what do you think of them?

Bold Metals Collection™ is available in Priceline stores nationally and online exclusively at


  1. Oh the brushes are so pretty and definitely luxe. I love the rose gold handle! Im currently just using random brushes... i might think about RT brushes when they are on sale :)

    1. Great idea! Keep an eye out at Priceline as they always have deals. I'll be to let you know if I see them on special or sale.

  2. I love, love, love the look of them, and I've been seriously tossing up getting some!

    1. Me too! I didn't realise how nice they felt until I took them out of the packaging.


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