EVENT: Charles Worthington relaunches Salon At Home

Who: SHAPR for Charles Worthington London
When: Tuesday 12 May, 2015
Where: The Langham Hotel, Millers Point

Last week I attended the Charles Worthington Salon At Home launch which was held at the fancy posh Langham Hotel, situated in the old part of Sydney.

Very excited to find out what was in store for this brand, as I used to be an avid fan and user back in the day before they disappeared from the shelves.  Those little travel size shampoo & conditioners were permanent staples in my swim bag.

From scent to packaging and formulations, the range has been entirely revamped.  There are 42 products across seven categories, catering for different haircare needs. The categories are Volume & Bounce, Strength & Repair, Moisture Seal, Shine Booster, Style Setter, Sunshine Protector and Instant Root Concealer.

During the evening, Worthington demonstrated a handful of the products on three models, crafting distinctly different looks for each.

Using Long Lasting Max Hold Hairspray

Using Brush Out Strong Hold Hairspray

Using Root Concealer

Charles also introduced the most anticipated product, Instant Root Concealer - an easy way to conceal roots while keeping the hair flexible and moving. With one sold every minute in the UK, you had me at grey coverage! 

At the end of the evening I was given a bag of goodies to take away and try.

So, out of eight of the products, I tested five.

Instant Root Concealer (Brown)
I tried this the night I got it. My hair grows crazy fast, within two weeks of having my roots done, bam the greys pop out and say Hello! I have an array of products in my bathroom to help me in between hairdresser appointments. The Instant Root Concealer would have to be by far the easiest and fastest method with exceptional results.

This product is designed to get you through those two weeks before your next colour appointment, or if you are going to a party and you are feeling self conscious about your roots. The product seems to be like no other on the market, it's niche and unique and seems to really live up to it's expectations.

For tricky bits like the hairline around your face, I advise not to spray directly to your hair unless you are doing the roots on top of your head.  I used a disposable mascara wand and sprayed the root concealer on it and then brushed it in, I found this method to be accurate with no mess.  You can target small areas of grey this way.

Also, not suitable for men who have little or no hair.  I thought it would be hilarious to spray hubby's head, he recently shaved his head a No 1.  He has at least 50% grey.  The result? Donald Trump effect, I almost pee'd myself laughing which turned into a coughing attack. Unfortunately no photos, I had to promise, no humiliation.

Root Concealer comes in four shades light blonde, dark blonde, brown and dark brown.

Dry Shampoo
I'm a mega fan of dry shampoos and a fussy one at that. There are never enough hours in a day when you work full-time as well as looking after a family, which is why I love dry shampoos.

I really liked using this one. Perfect for oily roots (that's me) and it doesn't leave any white residue like many do. The condition of my hair fairs pretty well by the end of the day without it feeling or looking sticky and dirty.

Brush Out Strong Hold Hairspray
Ooh I really like this. Not only is the scent divine but it works really well. I have flyaway hair and I always use hairspray as the finishing product to have better control on my do. It brushes out easily whilst controlling my fly-aways and stubborn bits. I can run my fingers through my hair and it feels soft without any stiffness.

Long Lasting Max Hold Hairspray
I used this one when I tied my hair up in a ponytail and spray underneath, giving a tidy clean look. With only a few shorter hairs falling down, my hair stayed neat a whole day at work without any frizzies rebelling out.

Intense Rescue Melting Balm
This hair mask is designed to intensively rescue dry, damaged hair. With a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and lots of other good stuff, it's surprising that the balm isn't greasy.

Applying on dry hair before shampooing and conditioning, I scooped a teaspoon amount with my fingers, rubbing between my palms until it transforms to oil, I worked it through my hair lengths and ends, avoiding my roots. Make sure all areas are covered. 

After 20 minutes I shampooed and conditioned my hair. After shampooing my hair already felt super soft. After blow drying and style, my hair was soft, almost frizz free and very manageable and continued until I washed my hair 4 days later. The balm didn't weigh down my hair or flattened it. It felt healthy and moisturised which is great as my ends tend to get drier throughout the colder months due to indoor heating.

It is recommended to use the balm twice a week for deep nourishment, mending split and dry ends.

Charles Worthington the brand has relaunched in Australia and is now available exclusively at Priceline.  For more information about their extensive range visit either website for Priceline or Charles Worthington.