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As the cooler months are upon us, skin requires different care to the warmer months.  I usually change my moisturisers each season to accommodate my skin changes.  In Summer I use a lotion or a lighter moisturiser and in Winter I use a heavier moisturiser. 

Sometimes my skin doesn't feel or look the way it should be. There are numerous contributing factors to take into consideration, whether it be stress or environmental related. 

Recently, I met with Heather (training manager & skincare expert for Ella Baché) and she introduced to me to several products that would assist with some skin issues I was experiencing and realised that my skin required different care to what I thought it needed.  To find out more about my meet up with Heather click here.

So I had some burning questions to ask an expert and the lovely Heather from Ella Baché kindly obliged to answer these for me via email.

What makes Ella Baché  different from other brands available? 

Ella Bachés philosophy is that there are no two skins alike, which is what makes the consultation and diagnosis component of a treatment so vitally important to customising a treatment and skin care program that is specifically made to suit your specific skin type and condition. Ella Baché herself was passionate about ensuring that all her formulations were gentle yet effective, she introduced the philosophy of “first do no harm” , which is still strongly embraced within the company culture today and that’s why you won’t see any aggressive pealing agents or resurfacing treatments being incorporated into the products or services that are on offer.

Why is it important to care for your skin early on? 
90% of extrinsic ageing comes from the suns harsh UV rays and most of the damage is done before the age of 15, simply by not wearing and SPF. The first step to preserving the overall health of your skin and reducing the potential of premature ageing and pigmentation in later life is to make sure you simply slip, slop, slap! Once you’ve got your sun protection routine covered then you can make sure you cleanse the skin gently and maintain the barrier function of the skin with hydrating moisturiser that has power of protective antioxidants in the formulation. The trick when your younger is to keep it simple, unless you have acne the skin will need a minimal amount of exfoliation as its literally growing a new layer of skin cell every 20 days in your teen years. In short an early skin care routine that helps to optimise skin health and serve to preventative skin solution = 1. Cleanse 2. Moisturise 3. SPF

What is Skin dehydration? 
Dehydration occurs when the top layers of cells have less than 10% water content and can manifest as a flaky, crepe like appearance. Advanced dehydration can also lead to the skin becoming more sensitised and irritated. If we don’t drink enough water this can also lead to the dermal tissue in the deeper layer of the skin not being hydrated which can create the appearance of fine lines or even exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles.

What is the difference between skin dehydration and dry skin? 
Dry skin on the other hand lacks sebum or oil. Dry skin also tends to have less intercellular oil (intercellular lipids in the lipid bi layer), which leads to the skin not having a good barrier function, allowing water to evaporate more readily. That’s why a dry skin tends to suffer from dehydration more readily than an oily skin which is better equipped to trap more moisture in the skin.

Does diet contribute to dry/dehydrated skin? 
Definitely! I’m a big advocate that healthy skin is achieved through an effective skin care program as well as a healthy eating plan. Eat lots of essential fatty acids such as those found in flaxseeds, salmon and walnuts. Evening primrose oil is also a good supplement to help your skin produce that healthy lipid bi layer. It’s no secret that water intake is important, however watch out for substances that dehydrate the body/skin. Most people are not aware that for every glass of caffeine or alcohol consumed, the body is dehydrated by +-4 glasses of water.

Where can I get advice on my skin and find out if I'm using the right products? 
The best person to go to for advice on your current skin care program is your professional skin therapist. At Ella Baché our therapist are specially trained to perform a thorough lifestyle consultation and skin diagnosis with a unique TrUView diagnostic tool that uses cross polarised blue light and white light to allow you to see into the deeper layers of the skin.

Could I have oily skin and still be dehydrated?
Yes! Oily skin have a belief that they don’t need to moisturise and they also have a natural tendency to want to clean the oil off their skin. What happens is that they tend to over cleanse and under moisturise leading to dehydration. To make matters worse , oily skin tend to suffer with various stages of acne and tend to over exfoliate their skin in an attempt to “ DEEP CLEANSE” their skin. Over exfoliation can lead to more advanced forms of dehydration which can leave the skin sensitised and more reactive.

Any tips on how I can protect my skin this winter alongside my skincare regime? 
Layer up rather than go straight for the heater or air conditioner, which can severely contribute to increased dehydration. Start to take essential fatty acid supplements or up your intake of nuts at the end of summer to help to start to prepare your skin for drop in humidity over the autumn and winter months, and make sure you keep your water intake up.

Here are three products that I am currently using and highly recommend.  

The Sensitive recovery Serum delivers immediate soothing and calming benefits by reducing inflammation of the skin, reinforcing, repairing and balancing the skin.

Hydra-revitalising Repair Balm is an intensive skin repair balm that glides on and treats the most dehydrated zones of the face and body by bathing the skin with moisture.

Hydra-revitalising creme immediately attracts and binds moisture in the skin; plumping and returning its dewy, youthful appearance. Perfect for winter and exposure to cold and hot winter elements.

Look out for my next post about the new Hydra Range.

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