Ella Baché SensiBeautics was introduced a couple of years ago to their ever expanding range and has been formulated specifically for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is an increasing concern for women in Western society.  With skin being exposed on a daily basis to a number of stress elements including pollution, smoke and UV radiation, these elements are what breaks down the skin barriers, which heighten the skin's risk of being sensitised, thus the reason why I wanted to try this product.

The Sensitive recovery Serum delivers immediate soothing and calming benefits by reducing inflammation of the skin, reinforcing, repairing and balancing the skin’s natural ecoflora defences. 

This silky textured serum helps minimise persistent, unwanted redness. Visibly reduces the size, amount and redness of dilated capillaries and prevents future redness and dilation of capillaries.

With ingredients like Wheat Germ Oil which nourishes and moisturises the skin and provides comfort,  ProBioSkin, a pre- and pro-biotic complex that strengthens the skin’s ecoflora defence barrier, Pro-tolerance Complex, reduces reactivity, sensitivity and sensations of discomfort like burning, itching and tingling, Brown Flax Seed Extract, its dual action provides a protective barrier and interrupts the inflammatory response at a high level, whilst reducing inflammation, redness and improves the skin’s overall tolerance to environmental aggressors, Raspberry Seed oil, reduces the effects of oxidative stress on skin by providing an anti-irritant shield improving skin comfort and strengthening the skin’s barrier and Glycerin, moisturises and softens the skin.

It comes with a pump which dispenses just the right amount you need for your face and neck.  It is to be applied before your moisturiser focusing on sides of the nose, forehead, cheeks, chin and decollete where the skin is more delicate.

Below you can see the colour and texture of the serum. It's light and silky to touch.

I do have sensitive skin partly due to age and partly due to being exposed to the elements for many years.

The serum instantly absorbed into the skin and skin feels silky.  It leaves a subtle glowy shine on the skin with a cooling effect.  I have noticed a difference in my skin's condition since using Sensibeautics serum, there is definitely an improvement in the capillaries around my chin and cheeks. They can be quite prominent on warm days or when I'm not feeling the best.