Zk'in is a fairly new organic skin care brand on the market and I am always excited in trying new brands and products.  It perfect for our hot summer days when our scorched skin is in need of extra TLC.  The Brightening & Hydrating Masque is your go-to skin rejuvenator. The unique antioxidants found in organic Cocoa smooth and improve circulation to temporarily brighten skin tone, while organic Aloe Vera increases hydration to restore summer damaged skin back to health. 

Zk'in has a zero tolerance policy (hence the ‘z’ in the name) to unnatural ingredients, unsustainability, animal cruelty and dishonest marketing. The range includes skin care items (and a few body care products) for every stage of women’s life, through your 20s and 30s, through pregnancy, 40s, 50s, menopause and beyond. Their formulations are based on clinically tested active ingredients and exclude all the nasties (including preservatives – instead they actually have a patented set of natural ingredients that works in a similar way).

Every Zk'in product is dermatologically tested and approved non-irritant by a dermatologist so you can trust Zk'in to naturally care for your skin without irritation keeping you honestly beautiful regardless of your type of skin.

On first impressions of this product, the packaging is really lovely. The masque comes in a medium sized tube for easy use.

At first I didn't like the smell, I thought it was way too intense. I have super sensitive senses so I smell things a lot more than the normal human. It smelt like a cross between chocolate and Vegemite. I love chocolate but I dislike Vegemite so at first I was very confused about the scent.

I cleansed my face and then applied the masque all over except under my nose. Using my fingers I spread a thin layer evenly avoiding eye and lip area.

It is the colour of chocolate & Vegemite!  It felt cool on the skin which was quite refreshing.  I normally use masques that produce a tingling or heat sensation so I really enjoyed using this one. After a minute the chocolate smell was definitely coming through and I felt like licking my face but had to refrain as I do not think it would taste the same!

After ten minutes I remove the masque with a wet cloth, compressing taking care not to pull at skin.  I used slightly colder than lukewarm water. 

I was very impressed with the quick results.  As you can see in the photo my skin looks bright and smooth, a tad of redness on cheeks and chin but I'm naturally red in those areas.  I haven't applied any moisturiser on yet and my skin felt cool, supple and extremely smooth.

I normally apply masques in the evening due to the amount of redness on my skin due to any active masque I use.  I was really surprised that my skin was a lot calmer than before the masque.

My overall impression and rating of Zk'in Brightening & Hydrating Masque is 4.5/5. I really liked the results.  Retails for $39.99, affordable and good value. This is definitely a must-have to prep skin for those special night's out.  I truly recommend it for everyone.

Zk'in Organic Skincare is available on their website www.zkinorganics.com.au and at health food stores across Australia.  For a list of stockists visit their website.

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