Brand: INSKIN Cosmedics
When: 19 February 2015
Where: The QT Hotel - Market Room, Sydney

I was so excited to attend this media event for many reasons. One being, to meet and listen to Dr Bill Andrews talk about a revolutionary product that has hit the market and will change the way we age. 

The morning started with a relaxing breakfast of coffee (YESSSS!), pastries and chatting to other bloggers before we were escorted to the Market room to hear about this exciting product.

Dr Bill Andrews, an award winning molecular biologist and founder of Sierra Sciences, is also known as "the man who will stop time or die trying" captured the attention of everyone in the room about his discovery of Telomere.

Telomere, is a word I have never heard before. Andrews explained what it does and where it's found in the body, was amazing and truly exciting by this extraordinary discovery.

In his words, he described Telomeres as the protective cap (like the tip at the end of a shoelace) at the end of our DNA chromosomes. He explained that as we age, our telomeres shorten, leaving us susceptible to diseases and age-related health problems. 

Dr Andrews has dedicated his life’s work to what he called an “obsession” with curing ageing. His clinic, Sierra Sciences have already spent over $33 million into research on telomere.

The 1Truth serum is the first product in the world to contain the Telomerase Activating Molecule 818 (TAM818), a chemical that helps to prevent telomeres shortening and, in doing so, reverse the ageing process for skin.

That’s where 1Truth 818 comes in. The lipid-based and fast-absorbing product is applied on top of cleansed skin. The silky-smooth solution works on the appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles, and can be used as a spot-specific treatment for those who wish to target areas like the eyes or neckline.

Enna-Cocciolone, founder of INSKIN Cosmedics, said the product was ground-breaking. “When I had the opportunity to stock 1Truth818, I jumped. We’ve left the smell good/feel good approach behind. Instead, we want to change the qualities of the cell and see immediate results.”

The event was educational and inspirational, leaving me with certainty and hope that one day invasive beauty treatments will be a thing of the past! 

We were lucky enough to score a bottle of the new 1Truth818 Anti-Ageing Serum to take home and try and Dr Andrews book 'Curing Ageing'.

You can hear Dr Andrews talk about Telomeres here on his YouTube clip.

With prices retailing at $299, it certainly not cheap but if this product does exactly what it says, then it's worth every penny.

To find stockists in your area visit INSKINCosmedics website to find your nearest salon.

Photographs were kindly provided by Publissimo PR