Indeed Laboratories products have received a lot of attention for their products for doing exactly what they promised to do. With their ever growing list of miracle products, including the ever popular Eysilix, Hydraluron, Nanoblur, Pepta-bright & Snoxin.  Not only are they affordable but they deliver on their promises as well.

I have road tested the following two products.

Eysilix – $34.99
An Instant Eye Rescue is a contour eye treatment, aimed specifically at targeting skin issues around the eye area that include lines and wrinkles, delivering long-term results.. Box says it instantly lift and reduce lines and wrinkles, the appearance of and dark circles while targeting fine lines, wrinkles and tired eyes. It contains 10 active peptides as well as botanical extracts.

Eysiix comes in a 15ml tube. The cream is colour and scent free and a medium consistency. The eye cream spreads and absorbs immediately into the skin in a matter of seconds. 

First I applied it to one eye only and took a photo to see the difference. Then I applied it to the other eye and took a photo. You judge for yourself. 

Applied only to the right eye
Applied to both

Once applied, I noticed my eye area seemed more ‘awake’.   After two weeks of using it I can say this definitely works.

The dark areas under eyes are less visible that I no longer use a concealer.  I don't really suffer from puffiness so I cannot comment on that.  The lines under my eyes have softened as well.

Nanoblur - $29.99
A high technology product said to work in seconds, promising to make you look up to 10 years younger by erasing the appearance of ageing, lines, wrinkles, saginess and enlarged pores. 

Comes in a 30ml tube. This product is based on advanced optics technology and is not makeup.  Whether you use makeup or go fresh faced, Nanoblur is perfect.  If you are going sans makeup, make sure this is the last step of your regime.

If applying makeup Nanoblur goes after your liquid foundation.  If you are using powder foundation, then Nanoblur is applied before the foundation.

I have been using this product for just over a year.  I first read about it on Beautyheaven and was intrigued I went to Priceline and bought it.  It was the first time I discovered Indeed Labs as well.

I have applied it to only the right side of my face so you can see the difference.  As you can see around the jaw line, cheek and high cheek area, it looks more defined and smoother.  The forehead is not that noticeable in the photo.

I am onto my second tube and that says a lot .  It's not common for me to buy repeat products unless they are really special and mainly due to something better is released by the time I finished the product.  I've have tried, purchased, been given numerous amounts of products and by the time I go through them there is another one on the market.

So, Nanoblur is great especially when your having a shit day and skin looks anything but decent. Applying Nanoblur gives that instant radiance and boost that my skin is desperate for.  It doesn't really have any benefits except giving it an optical illusion that the skin is radiant.  I do not use it everyday only when I feel like I need a boost or when I'm going out and I know there will be photos taken.

In a nutshell, Nanoblur is a 'blur' cream, it blurs all appearances of skin ageing, lines, wrinkles, crows feet and enlarged pores. You will see all of these skin conditions and imperfections appear lessened and your skin smoother and more refined, instantly, almost blurred. 

So instead of layering 10 products on your skin to prepare it for foundation, looking almost like a drag queen, you only require one product for the whole face leaving you more time to perfect your makeup and leaving you lighter on the skin and giving you a better finish.

I would love to hear feedback on your thoughts on these products.