My Travel Adventure in Pictures - Los Angeles USA - Part 1

Back in September we went on our long awaited holiday visiting three continents.

Nervousness and excitement feelings were so overwhelming I was really stressing out.  It was the first time we have taken a major trip since having a child.  I wasn't sure if he would handle it well, get homesick or actually get sick.  Travelling to three continents with three different weather conditions for 6 weeks was definitely a challenge especially the packing part.

My husband and I travelled quite a bit when we were younger.  No plans, just spontaneous adventures around the world.  With a child, it's a completely different ball game.  There is a little person to take into consideration.  More planning is required, restricted adventures and less spontaneity and more structured short trips, like those lazy resort holidays to Fiji, safe and predictable.

But we were itching for some adventure, PG adventure that is. I miss landing in a country, no tour, no resort, finding a hotel when we arrive and freelance exploring the culture, food, people and entertainment and taking each day as it comes.  Waking up whenever and going to bed late as possible, just breaking routine.

Speaking to lots of people who have travelled to the US, I took notes, ideas and recommendations and my holiday plan was coming to life.

So our holiday started off in Los Angeles.  A place I wished I stayed for an extra week.  Three days was not enough.  It was a very rough start to our holiday with my son losing his beloved stuffed monkey between LA and JFK.  He was so devastated, he hadn't been apart from his monkey since he was born.  So we had a challenge ahead of us to make sure we could resolve this problem that would be with us for 6 weeks.

Beverly Hills


Venice Beach

Santa Monica

We squeezed in quite a bit in the three days.  The weather was amazing, the people super friendly and the food delish.  LA is definitely a place I would love to return and further explore and maybe throw in Disneyland as well!  Stay tuned for Part 2  - New York!