This UK based company is rated number one for teen fragrance around the world. It was the No.1 must haves in our school bags back in the day and it still is.

Recently, I was reacquainted with So...? Body Fragrances, so long ago since my school years and it was great to know that the only thing had change was the range of fragrances. It brought back memories.

I was quite surprised how nice So...? Superstar and So...? Kiss Me smelt.  Every few years my preferences change in what I look for in a fragrance, whether it be eau de parfum, eau de toilette or a body spray.  

I carried around So...? Kiss Me for several weeks in my handbag and used it on a daily basis.  I even used it when a smelly person hopped on a train and left, spraying and encasing myself in a more sweet smelling aroma and mask out the urine infested undies smell. The best thing is I'm saving money on my more expensive fragrances, using them more when I go out, not at work.

I like how the body sprays out in a fine even mist. No wet spots are left on the body or clothing.  I've even spray it over my head so the fragrance subtly settles on my hair.  As with all body sprays, top-ups are required as it doesn't last all day like perfumes do.

So....? Kiss Me contains sugary notes of blackcurrant and citrusy real layers of kissably sweet vanilla with a floral heart rounded by musk. The vanilla notes definitely dominates the scent but it's not overpowering or sickly. 

So...? Superstar contains wondrous mix of pomegranate, fresh oranges and passion fruit, certainly fruit and perfect for summer!

I'm no longer a teenager, far from it but body sprays are definitely suitable for all ages. There are currently available in six delicious scents - Kiss Me, SuperStar, Eternal, Sinful, Sexy and Sensual.

I would love to know what's your favourite body spray?

So...? What are you waiting for?  Check out which tickles your fancy. To find out more about So...? body sprays and fragrances visit