For over 30 years, Andrea has created effective hair removal products using professional formula's to suit every need, allowing you to remove unwanted hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Back in my day, Andrea's range of bleaches and depilatory creams was extremely popular amongst school kids for many reasons. The bleaches were used on our arm hairs to make them blonde and almost invisible and on our fringe, to dye it blonde, well sort of blonde but a yellower kind, which back then it was the in thing, and finally the depilatory creams, which we used on our legs instead of shaving.

Fast forward to today, Andrea has come a long way as a brand, improving formula's and adding to their expanding range. With products now available in gentler formula's for the face and body plus higher strength for extra stubborn hair areas such as the bikini area. The product range includes Waxes, Bleaches and Depilatories designed especially for various face and body areas. Making hair removal safe, smooth, simple and affordable.

Bleach for the face is also ideal for upper lip, side burns and chin.  All these areas are hormonal and affect people differently.  

Why not laser you ask.?  
Lasering hair in hormonal areas may not always be effective.  Even though laser can reduce the facial hair, but the heat from the laser can stimulate hair growth on other parts of your face.  It is a risk a lot of women take or are unaware of, giving you further hairy problems you didn't expect to get.