We are so spoilt for choice today with so many amazing products on the market.  Rewind five years ago and we only had 1/5 of what is on the market today.  With some brands being around for decades, whilst some disappear and others entering the beauty market with a bang.

Do we take more pride in our well being and appearance than we did years ago?  Or is it because it has become easier and cheaper to look effortlessly glam thanks to a number of brands that release non-invasive easy-to-use in your own home products to assist us in areas we want to improve.

Take Indeed Laboratories for example.  A company that believes in pushing the boundaries of science and challenging the status quo of current beauty standards. They have a range of products under their belt that you may have either heard of or currently use like exfoliator™ , hydraluron, nanoblur, eysilix, snoxin just to name a few and are affordable.

I'm currently trialling exfoliator™ and snoxin™. In previous posts I've mentioned that I'm not a fan of invasive procedures to assist in ageing so any new products that hit the market to assist, I'm first in line.

Exfoliator™ is a granuled powder, a highly concentrated powder exfoliant activated by simply adding water and safe to use daily.

Designed to immediately brighten skin and restore its natural radiance, this enzyme micro-powder creates a creamy foam when mixed with water, gently exfoliating to deliver superior skin resurfacing of the face, neck and chest to reveal a softer, smoother and more polished skin texture without the use of harsh abrasives. 

The innovative micro-powder is packed with 5 key actives, including bamboo extract, rice bran powder, okinawa red algae, hyaluronic acid and bromelain. 

Exfoliator™ is suitable for all skin types.  After cleansing, dispense two shakes and mix with as much or as little water as desired to create a foamy consistency. Massage onto wet face using circular motions for one minute, avoiding the eye area. then rinse thoroughly. 

The result? My skin had a glow, feeling and looking refreshed with my skin feeling like it was breathing. 

As with every product I try, I get nervous as I never know what products my skin likes or dislikes. Fortunately I did not experience any reactions or skin irritations which is fab as some products do irritate my skin due to certain active ingredient.

Snoxin™ is a concentrated multi-peptide facial serum designed to help combat the appearance of skin ageing. an unconventional name that does not relate to the product but it does roll of the tongue Snoxin Serum! 

While most skin care serums contain just one main ingredient to target signs of ageing, snoxin™ incorporates multiple peptides to help reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. snoxin™ is clinically proven to provide visible results in just 14 days.

I used snoxin™ twice daily after cleansing, followed by my moisturiser. snoxin™ has a cloudy white gel with a thicker than normal consistency fo a serum.  There is a faint scent which is pleasant.

After using Snoxin for around three weeks, I noticed subtle changes to lines on my forehead and sleep lines around my mouth.  I sleep on my belly and squish my face on the pillow, waking up with creases on my face, over the years that have become more prominent so I have changed my sleeping ways and sleep on my side.  It took a lot of convincing and adjusting to get a good nights sleep. I know my skin will thank me for it!

I didn't notice huge changes but maybe with long term I will see the benefit. The brand does state that results are seen as early as 10 days. As results always vary person to person, it can take longer for some.  Personally, I would pick this treatment over botox any day!

Transformulas is another innovative brand that gives you an alternative to invasive fillers and botox. 

Transformulas is an award-winning brand specialising in premium yet affordable anti-ageing and lifestyle treatments for the face and body.

I trialled two products from their range EyeLifting Gel and LipVolume. The first thing I noticed are the words 'Beauty WITHOUT Surgery'.  I find it encouraging to read these words as I believe we can achieve same results as surgery, the only difference, with non-invasive products its a constant maintenance as were surgery is permanent.

The products come in a discreet lipgloss style tube.  The products are clear and watery gel consistency similar to a lipgloss except for the stickiness.

The EyeLifting Gel has a neutral scent.  Best way to apply is to dab under the eye area and then pat it in with your finger to blend; rather than smearing under the eye like a lipgloss.

It has a slight cooling affect when first applied making it pleasant to use. At first it is a bit sticky but this eventually dries.

The top ingredients this gel contains are Beech Tree Bud (this gives the skin more elasticity to help reduces lines), Kigelia Africana Extract (offers antibacterial properties for healing, firming and hydrating the skin) and 25% Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin. 

After two applications I found that that the effects were instantly seen and felt. My under eye area was instantly tight, firm and smooth.  I applied concealer and foundation and found that it went on smoother leaving a nicer surface to apply makeup on. 

EyeLifting Gel is compact and discreet and can be carried around in your handbag.  I highly recommend this product I love it!

LipVolume increases the appearance of your lip size.  No, you will not get fish lips like Courtney Love, instead you will have lips that look luscious and juicy without the injectables all natural!
How does it work? LipVolume locks in moisture stimulating lips and boosting the natural collagen for bigger more beautiful lips. With a unique formulation that works quickly to plump up and rehydrate your lips. 
When I first applied the product on my lips, my lips began to tingle slightly.  The texture is thin and slippery not at all like lipgloss.  It has a peppermint smell.
Transformulas LipVolume claims to increase lip size by up to 40% The active lipopeptides stimulates the regeneration of tissue and works as a lip plumper helping to increase the collagen in your lips! This cosmeseutical gel, with its biotechnological formulation, delivers a kind, refreshingly cool, tingling sensation to the lips instead of the painful,aggressive, burning and stinging sensation more normally associated with traditional lip plumpers.