Ardell Magic Lash Growth Enhancer features multi-proteins that stimulate new growth, repair weak thinning lashes, help prevent lash loss and give lashes a healthier, fuller appearance. The multi-proteins immediately work to repair weak, thinning lashes and stimulate new growth so that they appear healthier and fuller. while preventing future loss. Conditioners are also added to nourish lashes to protect against future damage. The pen-style delivery system allows for precise application on the lash line where it is needed most; at the root. When used daily, results can be seen in as little as 3-5 weeks.

When I was younger my lashes were super long, thick and black and were annoying. I used to get asked whether they were false because they were so long. In my 20s I started to wear glasses and my lashes used to hit the lenses and feel uncomfortable, so my glasses used to sit further down on my nose. Several years later I decided to swap the glasses for contacts because of how uncomfortable glasses were for me. I was surprised and shocked at how short my lashes had become after only 5 years of wearing glasses, the damage they had done to my luscious lashes. 

At the time I was sort of glad and for the first time I was able to use mascara. They never grew back like they once were, if anything my lashes have thinned out and shortened even more, maybe because I never cleaned the mascara off them as well as I should of or it's an age thing.

As I have gotten older I noticed when I'm not using mascara, I don't look as fresh and young as I do with thicker looking and dark lashes. Eyebrows and lashes do frame the face.  Mascara has become my daily ritual and I always use Ardell's individual lashes when I go out for that extra impact.
I applied this product on clean dry lashes every night for two weeks. What I have noticed in two weeks is that fewer lashes are falling out and that there is some new growth (shorter hairs are seen). I am still waiting to see the long-term results and it's looking promising!  Unfortunately I did not take before photos when I started the trial but wish that did so you could see the difference.

Here is a photo of my favourite lash pack. I find these are easier to apply than a full set.

As you can see you can barely tell I have the individual lashes on.

I had added an easy how-to video on how to apply Ardell's individual lashes.  Its simple, for further how-to videos visit Ardell's website.

Video taken from Ardell's website