Burt's Bees Pop-up Store @ Pitt Street Mall Westfields Sydney

Howdy, what a gorgeous day today was (Sunday). Sunny, blue skies perfect day out to visit Pitt Street Mall for some shopping and pit stop at Burt's Bees pop-up store for some hand therapy, since my hands were sore from carrying shopping bags I need some digit de-stressing.

I stopped by the pop-up store and it was buzzing with lots of people testing products, getting hand massages and taking pics in the queen bee chair.

I was introduced to Rox (hand massager goddess).  I could of sat there for an hour, continuous massaging, feeling so relaxed, she was super good.  I'm not just saying that, it's true,  I've had those promo hand massage's at those little tables in either Myer or David Jones with brand products on them, offering free hand massages, I feel like I wasted my time sitting there because you could feel that no effort was put into it at all.

Rox was the Queen Bee of all the Lady Bees, she talked me through all the ranges of hand creams, the Radiance Range, variety of facial wipes and lip balms.

My hands were massage with Burt's Bees Honey & Grapeseed hand cream. The fragrance was subtle and really nice, it absorbed within minutes in my thirsty hands.  They felt soft and smooth, I really liked how my hand felt afterwards.  Cuticle cream was applied at the end finishing off my massage. Amazingly tonight whilst typing this I had a good look at my hands and my cuticles still looked moisturised and soft even after washing the dishes after dinner.

I felt so relaxed, after browsing through the range available, I walked straight over to the lovely man handing out chocolates and happily ate it.

Let me know if you popped down to Pitt St mall over the weekend and what you thought, did you buy anything?