I've been a blinc mascara fan for over a year now and even though I have dozens of mascaras in my makeup drawer I pull this one out more often. I love blinc mascara because of it's different formulation from any other mascara on the market.

I'm an eye rubber, especially in Spring, I suffer from severe hay fever allergies and I need my eyes to look neat and clean and not have panda eyes in the middle of the day. 

Blinc products are the easiest by far to remove from my lashes without losing lashes in the process.

Earlier in the year I wrote a post about the Beauty and Spa Expo and I mentioned Blinc's amazing product, you can read about it here

Since then, it has finally been released. I've been trialling the primer for a good couple of weeks now and I've been excited and extremely happy with this new addition to my mascara collection.

I've never used a lash primer before, actually I'm not a fan of any type of primer whether it is for skin or lashes but I have been converted to lash primers. 

Here I have before primer, with primer and end result with mascara pics.

Without primer or mascara

With blinc black primer

End result with blinc black amplified mascara
End result of length and thickness

What's great about this primer is that it is black. This means you won't have your mascara colour getting diluted from the primer and for chics like me, no white spots left on the lashes on areas that you missed, giving you a cleaner and more true black lashtastic finish!

Blinc black lash primer doesn’t just enhance your lashes, it also treats your lashes, encouraging new lash growth for thicker, longer lashes over time, while enriching vitamins and nourishing ingredients condition and protect lashes from damage and environmental stresses.

Made without Carbon Black (which can be harmful) and fragrance free, the new blinc black lash primer is another blinc product that doesn’t irritate my sensitive contact-wearing eyes.

Blinc black lash primer was easy to apply using the silicone wand applicator that separates and coats lashes. Immediately apply your mascara of choice. There are no clumps.  The lashes are coated all equally giving you even and clean finish.

What's great about this primer, you can use it with any other brand that is on the market but for optimum results it is recommended to use with blinc products.

The primer and mascara are easy to remove with any type of makeup remover. I personally get lazy some evenings and just wash my face with cleanser and warm water and the mascara falls off in strands leaving no residue on the skin or lashes.

blinc products are available at David Jones and so in Sephora!  If you want to know more about blinc, visit their website at www.blinccosmetics.com.au.