Survival Kit by Camp Beauty Workshop

Last Sunday I attended a Survival Kit by Camp Beauty Workshop. Celebrity hairdresser and make-up artists Michelle Scott and Jo Cotter have powdered and pouted almost every famous face in Australia. 

After a combined 40 years in the industry, they have joined forces as Camp Beauty to share their experience and knowledge with Aussies of all ages.

Operation Makeover is Camp Beauty’s mission to give women the skills to do their own make-up in easy to follow and no fuss classes. Camp Beauty arms women with the essentials to look their best in just five minutes. Camp Beauty takes a hands-on approach to education - their classes are about learning by doing in a fun environment.  Their workshops start with a 2.5 hour Graduate Class – offered at a location of a client’s choice or at a Camp Beauty Base Camp Location.

The workshop I attended was held lovely Balmain.  The class was small and intimate which was great as we had more one-on-one time if we needed assistance with makeup application. We each had our own makeup case with all the essentials.

Before we commenced we had to find out whether we were either hot or cold.  I was a hottie!  This is to determine whether warm or cool colours were better suited to our skin.  This was an important step in achieving the best results.

We had a brief explanation on how the Camp Beauty Compass Card works

Step by step instructions on how to achieve a Five Minute Face, for looking fabulous in an instant. 

Tips on where to apply concealer

We were then left to our own devices to attempt the five minute face.  I was very surprised how easy it was. All I needed were simple trips and tricks and guidance and I reckon I perfected it. 

When I hear eyelash curling I cringe.  I thought I was going to have to learn how to use eyelash curlers.  My fond memory of using one was a very painful one and a swollen eyelid.  Jo whipped out a heated eyelash curler that resembled a mascara. It was amazing, I loved it and I didn't even hurt myself!

Check out my eyelashes on the right

My highlight of achievement is learning how to apply liquid liner and eyeshadow for my eye shape.   

End result - a flawless look.

Once we achieved the five minute face we moved onto the more glamorous Fifteen Minute Face using Camp Beauty’s own Survival Kit including cosmetics and brushes.  I've learnt the difference between brushes and that sometimes it is better than fingers!  I'm a fingers girl everything I apply is with my hands, not sure why but I think it comes down to not knowing which brush to use and using my fingers was an easy way out!

The 2.5 hours flew. Michelle and Jo were easygoing, fun and patient with all the questions, rescuing any almost disasters by showing us how we can fix any errors without starting all over again.  I had so much fun that I want to do it again with my girlfriends.

Camp Beauty Focuses On Teaching Women:
  • How to easily achieve a flawless finish
  • The winning formula for day and night make-up application
  • What works for you specifically – colours, tones and application
  • Detailed make-up techniques
  • Good make-up habits and how to change bad habits
  • How to choose the right make up. Quality tools and cosmetics are key, but they don’t have to break the bank

Who is this suitable for?  Everyone, girls day out, pre-wedding party, birthday party even divorce party!

Camp Beauty also sell all the products they use in the workshop.  To find out more about the Camp Beauty visit their website

Thank you Thatscommsco for inviting me