I was selected to be part of the Beautyheaven 'Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish Trial Team'.

I was so overwhelmed with the package (see left, I stared at it for a good 30 seconds with shock before I squealed with joy. It was delivered during the day whilst I had a day off from work because I was feeling unwell and what a way to be rewarded!

I was sent the entire collection of Revlon's amazing Gel Envy colours.  There are 30 colours and a Diamond top coat.

This new collection from Revlon is exciting, with fun names like Hot Hand, Pocket Aces, Royal Flush and Lady Luck, I feel like I've entered a Las Vegas Casino with James Bond eyeing me from across the room whilst I glide across the floor towards him.

The Gel Envy's were very easy to apply.  With dual brush heads, making it easy to apply with little error. Some colours required 2 coats whilst others only required one.

This was my ultimate favourite colour 

These polishes came at a brilliant time as I was having a girly night with some girlfriends the coming weekend.  We got to try different colours and experiment and had a fab time.

I have tried around 13 of the 30 colours and my favourite one so far is Checkmate.  Its like a latte-beige colour, stunning and very classy.

Out of the ones I tried only one colour stained my nails, a teal colour called Dealer's Choice. The rest all came off my nails easily leaving no residue of colour.

Duration of stay is about a week.  Considering I do alot of housework and washing (like everyone) this is a long time for a colour to stay on my nails.  Even if it stayed longer I would remove it after a week as I like change!

Here are some of my favourite colours

Thank you to Beautyheaven for inviting me to be part of this amazing trial.