Kerastase Discipline Anti-Frizz Miracle Review

I took part in a Beautyheaven member trial for Kerastase Anti-frizz treatment.  This is an alternative to having keratin straightening.

So all drugged up with antibiotics and Nurofen I was ready for a funfilled couple of hours. The whole experience was so much fun, especially that I had been bed ridden for almost two weeks with tonsillitis and an ear infection. 

I have had my hair keratin straightened several times over the years and have been pleased with the results but not the price of the service.  Keratin Straightening can really hurt the pocket and the bum, sitting in the chair for three hours, then having to have dead straight styleless hair for three days after.

Kerastase Anti-Frizz treatment is a whole modern take when it comes to straightening hair.  I was extremely surprised to find that the whole process from washing to styling took no more than one and a half hours and my hair looked amazing.

I was provided with several Kerastase Morpho-Keratine products to maintain the upkeep of my hair. Smooth-in-motion Shampoo, Maskeratine (Conditioner), Complete anti-frizz care heat-protection serum and Elixir Ultime, a beautifying oil.  Using all these products has kept my hair free from frizz, better styling ability and the overall condition of my hair, amazing.

Here are before an after shots of the front and back courtesy of Beautyheaven.

Please forgive my puffy face, with severe tonsillitis I seemed to have grown extra jaw cheeks.

Five weeks on and I am still pleased with the condition of my hair.  The shampoo and conditioner is so thick and creamy you do no need as much product so they last longer than regular shampoos and conditioners. Whether I blow dry my hair or let it dry naturally, I no longer experience extreme frizz like I did before.  I can honestly say I have even reduced the amount of products I use mainly because my hair is so much more manageable that I am leaving my hair down more often these days instead of a ponytail.  This treatment lasts up to 10 washes as long as you use the recommended products, just like if when you get your hair straightened.  I have had well over 10 washes and am pretty pleased with my hair.  I will not hesitate going back into the salon and getting the treatment again.

My products are almost empty and I'm normally a tight-arse when it comes to paying dearly for hair products, I'm always looking for deals and specials, but after seeing the results, short term and long term, I will look past the cost and just buy the products because its worth the money.

To find out more about the in-salon keratin experience and take-home products, hop on to Kerastase's website to find out your nearest salon.

Thank you to Beautyheaven for inviting me to be part of this amazing day.