On the 1st September Dyson launched their new cooling technology in Sydney. Dyson has been developing bladeless fans for over 10 years, using patented Air Multiplier technology to project powerful airflow.

Dyson's engineers were tasked with making the existing Dyson Air multiplier fans quieter without compromising the performance. The new bladeless fan is 75% quieter and eliminates the tone that equates to the irritating mosquito hum.

How it works
Air is drawn in by an energy-efficient, brushless motor. Airflow is then accelerated through an annular aperture, passing over an air foil-shaped ramp, which draws in and channels its direction. This creates and projects powerful, smooth, high velocity airflow

I was lucky enough to be invited for a one-on-one experience with a Dyson design engineer, Thomas, who took me through the story, the prototypes and the science behind the redesigned iconic bladeless fan, at their Dyson Cool technology hub in Surry Hills.

Reducing the noise
One of the main sources of noise was the fan's motor. To solve this problem, the Acoustics team designed a Helmholtz cavity for each fan.

When sound waves from the motor enters the cavity the pressure fluctuation deflects them, neutralising the majority of the motor's noise. This is brilliant. Dyson is the only brand in the world (that I'm aware of) that wants better products for their customers and thinks outside the box.

A previous model of the Dyson Cool was turned on for me to hear the difference in sound. Even the previous models were still quieter than conventional fans that are out on the market these days. I'm very impressed with the technology and what they have achieved. After listening to how they came about creating that piece of foam in the cavity, it all looks so simple even though it isn't.

Here is a comparison of conventional fans & Dyson Cool.

Dyson Cool Fans come in a variety of styles and colours to suit all decor.

Before I knew it the one-on-one was over.  I love to know how things are made, the history behind the product. We always see the end product and sometimes we don't question where it came from or how was it made.

I was given a Dyson Desk Fan AM06 to test drive it for myself.  It came in a compact small box, lightweight and easy to carry.  There is basic assembling to do, nothing major just connect the base to head and your ready to go.

Sydney weather being unpredictable as always, supposed to be rainy ended up being a lovely warm day, so the house was all closed up.  When we got home it felt very warm and stuffy.  I switched on the Dyson and freaked out how quick our lounge room cooled down.  Within 10 minutes the lounge room and hallway were cool.  The Dyson Cool is one powerful mother. Personally I did not find the humming noise annoying, if anything I could barely hear it, maybe because there is never a moment of silence in our household except when we are all asleep in bed!

The desktop Dyson Cool fits nicely on our corner coffee table, taking up little space and not interfering with anything.

The Dyson Cool swivels side to side to distribute cool air evenly.  It can even be angled up so the air is circulated up higher.

Side profile, slim and elegant.

Dyson Cool has a 7 speed setting and a timer. So if you want to go for a nap or leave it on throughout the night, you can set the timer to switch off in 15 min, 30 mins, 45 mins all the way up to 9 hours.

The handy mini remote is magnetic and sits on top of the fan so you will never lose it!  Clever isn't it.

Did you Know?
  • 65 engineers worked on Dyson Cool™ fans development
  • That there are 410 patents and 187 pending patent applications worldwide for the Dyson Cool™ fan range. Globally, Dyson holds over 1,600 patents for over 400 inventions. Annually, Dyson spends over $4.5 million securing and maintaining intellectual property rights for its technology
  • The Dyson Cool™ fans are made from Acrylontride butadiene styrene – ABS
  • Dyson employs more than 1,600 scientists and engineers while developing the next generation of Dyson technology
  • Two year parts and labour guarantee. For more information please visit:

Dyson products are available at all major retailers and online on the Dyson website.

Prices start from
AM06 Desk Fan: $449
Comes in black/nickel, iron/blue & white/silver - weighs approx 3.3kg

AM07 Tower Fan: $649
Comes in white/silver & black/nickel - weighs approx 4.6kg

AM08 Pedestal Fan: $649 
Comes in white/silver - weighs approx 6.8kg

To find out more about the engineering behind Dyson technology - watch the engineering story here.

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