Ulta 3 Nail Colours & Lipstick Surprise!

Ulta3, known for its extensive colour range that offers value for money with their full range of cosmetics for under $9.95.

I've road tested three fab nail colours and one lippy, and the results?  Well, impressive.

Hot spring, Lily white and over the rainbow Nail colours.

One coat was enough to provide a highly pigmented smooth colour on my nails.  There was no streaking or patches.  This is usually quite rare in cheaper nail polishes, so very impressed so far.  I also recently purchased some nail tools from eBay so I was putting them to good use by experimenting with dots and patterns.  

Over the rainbow is the glitter nail polish, the glitter was evenly spread out over my nails and didn't appear clumpy.

When removing the colours of my nails, there was not much of a colour residue left behind.  There are some brands that are highly pigmented and leave stains on my nails making them look dirty and discoloured.  I did not experience this with Ulta3 range of colours I road tested.

There is one thing I do have apologise for, is the condition of my cuticles.  They are horrible at the moment.  I have been doing some wall scrubbing, prepping the surface for painting.  You see, I didn't think of the aftermath of not wearing gloves until I had a shower and was shocked on the state my hands in.

Green Magic is the name of the fab lippy.  I remember these from the late 80s and early 90s.  This was a staple in my makeup bag and I'm so excited that Ulta3 have added it to their collection. I love these surprise lipsticks.  

My friend tried this lippy on and it was a softer pink on her and a lot brighter on me.  Best thing was the more I applied the deeper the colour. The staying power was impressive too.  It didn't feel dry or sticky.

Overall, I'm fairly impressed by these budget products.  They have definitely exceeded my expectations and best of all, you can buy the whole season of colours without denting the purse.

To find out more about Ulta3 and where to get your stash check out their Facebook page here.