Last year I reviewed the Smooze complete range of healthy treats and it was a hit with the fam. You can read about it here.

Smooze have introduced another flavour to their current range of frozen treats 'Simply Coconut'.

Smooze Fruit Ice is the most delicious, dairy free and healthy alternative to hit supermarkets. There has never been anything like it in the past and with Smooze you can be comfortable that the whole fam can enjoy a Fruit Ice anytime and know that there are no preservatives, colours or anything artificial in it. Perfect for the little ones and the grown ups, its a definite win all around.

With summer hot days that we have been having, Smooze has been a daily addition to our after school smoothies.  Either a banana, mango or fresh berries is added to the blender with Smooze 'Simply Coconut and half a cup of milk.  This is far better than flavoured milk or snack when my son comes home.  Healthier treat with lots of benefits and tastes delicious that my son cannot get enough of it. This is just a suggestion, Smooze Fruit Ice can be eaten on its own (the way I like it).

Simply Coconut has a unique fresh fruit juice and coconut milk-based flavour, a frozen treat promising exotic summer refreshment without the artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. It is made from pure juices and purees, never concentrates or reconstituted juices; you can taste the freshness and naturally, fresh ingredients are far healthier for you than heated up-cooled down-dehydrated-rehydrated, factory-made concentrates!

Per serve, Smooze boasts 60% less calories, 75% less sugar and 40% less fat than light ice cream; offering parents, kids and health-conscious consumers a creamy-textured summer refreshment without the regret.

Smooze comes in three other delish varieties; Mango & coconut, Pink Guava & coconut and Pineapple & coconut.

Smooze - Simply Coconut

For more information about Smooze and nutritional information visit their website


  1. I am in Califirnia USA and cannot find this flavor anywhere to purchase ! Price is not a problem. Can someone help ?
    Thank you


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