Wet'n'Wild Adventure - Kidspot Mums Say and Banana Boat Fun Day Out

Event: Kidspot & Banana Boat Fun Day Out
When: 17 December 2013
Where: Wet'n'Wild of course!

I attended the Kidspot Mum Say, Shelley Craft & Banana Boat Fun Day Out, which was held at the newly opened Wet'n'Wild in Sydney.

I wasn't sure who was more excited my son or me. A perfect hot summers day is all I asked for and my prays were answered.

As I was driving into the car park I couldn't help my eyes drifting over to the humungous slides that were filling vision whilst looking for a spot.  With my son squealing in the back seat I knew I had to find a parking spot soon.

Trotting to the entrance we walked right through and looked for something that resembled a banana.  We finally came across this private area, just for us mums in the children's area.

We all settled in our own cabana, which was very comfy and cool.

We were given wrist bands, had a private gathering with other mums and listened to Shelley Craft talk about sun protection.  Before the kids were off having fun, they were all sprayed with Banana Boat Kids SPF 50+.

The gorgeous Shelley Craft & my son

After the gathering the kids all took off like a sling shot and went for the slides. Mum behind the kids having just as much fun.

We then migrated to the wave pool.  It is the biggest thing I have ever seen and it was so much fun!

It has truly been an amazing day full of fun and adventure.  It didn't take long for my son fell asleep on the way home.

My goodie bag thanks to Kidspot & Banana Boat.  They've got my family covered for the summer!