My December Beauty Haul - Dior, Revlon, Maybelline, Catwalk, Essie, Portus Cale, Bathox & more

I really can't help myself when I enter pharmacies and department stores, I am drawn to tubs and tables of specials and clearances.  I love rummaging through to find a surprising item that I have been looking for, or a colour I wouldn't normally try but at that instance I would because of the price.

Each month when I itemise each item that I have purchased for the month it is quite scary and confronting, it didn't seem like much, but having all my goodies in front of me and writing about each one, the list never seems to end. My desk is literally covered that I have my cordless keyboard on my lap and my feet against the desk.

Anyway, here is my December haul of beauty products, enjoy!

Dior Nail Polishes Limited Edition Sets
Again Instagram is to be blamed for this. A fellow instagrammer put up a pic of her splurge buy of Dior polishes. They are absolutely divine and I had to get them. It's called 'Bird of Paradise' Series 1 & 2. They both consist of two mini nail polishes in gorgeous colours that compliment each other. These mini's only cost me $45 each.

Revlon & Maybelline nail polishes
Whilst I was waiting to be seen at the doctors I wandered through their chemist and I happen to stumble upon a clearance bin of cosmetics.  I plucked out of the rubble of colours the selected few as seen in the picture below.  Believe it or not they were all $1.  Now tell me whether you wouldn't buy them too.

Catwalk Cosmetics
During lunch at work I need some paracetamol for a headache, and again, a clearance basket, I swear they must know I'm coming!  Inside were all products from Catwalk and all for $2. Rummaging through the products I found 3 pencils and bought them.  Two lip liners and one eye liner.  I love the colours and they are very soft on application.

Essie Nail polishes
A fellow instagrammer posted on her feed that Essie was only $5 in Myers. As I was already in Westfields doing Christmas shopping I did a pit stop, there were only 4 nail polishes left. The shelves had been cleaned out but fortunately for me there were two colours I liked.  I had $10 left on a Myer voucher, perfect!

Portus Cale Room Spray
Over at David Jones, completing my Christmas shopping I came across an amazing brand from Porto, Portugal.  When I travelled in Portugal many years ago I found their body and everyday products were not only different but ornate.  The packaging and scents of their products were amazing.  A lot of these items could be found in supermarkets which were really affordable.  I found the Portuguese take pride in what they produce and it shows in the end product.  This room spray was $29.95 and it smells divine.

bx beauty
Another pharmacy gem find.  Bathox have realised a fab range of Australian Made for Australian skin. There are four shower gels to choose from and three hand care washes.  Price is surprisingly cheap considering they are made here.  I'm a fan in buying Australian and quality products.  Hand wash retailing at $4.99 and body wash at $7.99, you can afford to buy one of each!

Scandal Nail polishes
I came across these in pharmacy (I told you I had a thing for them!). I walked in to get a bottle of water and these were on the counter display. Aren't they neat! Bustier nail polishes. These are from Korea. They were only $5.95 each.

Maxfactor Masterpiece Beyond Length Mascara's
Good ol' Priceline.  Clearance bin, again, these beauties were reduced to $3 each.  I purchased three.  They are actually quite good. There was no flakiness or shedding by the end of the day and was easy to remove.  You can use one colour at a time or use both ends.

MNY & 1000 Hour
Curious to test the quality on the cheaper end products from Maybelline NY.  Pencil was soft and easy to apply, the eye shadow was pretty good for the price.  The hair colour stick & mascara - grey hair, that is all!

Pati Dubroff chubbies for lips from Aldi
Now these were fab.  A work colleague bought a pack and brought it in for show and tell and I instantly loved them so I asked her to buy me a pack.  They were only $20 for five colours.  Application is easy and the colour is subtle, you do have reapply a few time to get good pigment.  It is long lasting, my lips did however felt dry after a while I had to keep applying lip balm whilst the lippy was on.

Well that is it for my December haul. Until next month!