Sally Hansen, Borghese, Mavala - My November Beauty Haul

Recently I went on a nail polish shopping frenzy.  I seriously needed a slap in the face to snap out of it.

Have you ever realised when something was hard to get, you wanted it even more?  Well that is what happened to me.  It started off with hunting down Mavala nail polishes.  I went to several pharmacies and none of them stocked the brand.  I was even more determined to find them.  After a week of popping into several pharmacies that I happened to come across I finally found the range in Broadway.

Here are the three colours I chose:

There wasn't much to choose from as their stock was quite low, but I do love my choices.  Mango Orange and Adelaide have a pearl through them and Blue Curacao is creamy opaque.  I have to say I really like this size, its compact and I can buy a lot more of them and it won't look like I have hundreds (well I do).

On my pharmacy hopping trips I did, I came across a brand that I haven't see in years.  Back in the late 90s and early 00s, Borghese was everywhere.  So I was surprised to see that Chemist Warehouse had a stash of the nail polish at a ridiculous price of $3 each.  So I bought the only two colours they had.

I really like the Violette pearl.  Its thick and dries really quick but as for the emerald colour, it took ages to dry and I needed like 4 coats for it to not look streaky and it still didn't look good.

My latest buying craze was when Priceline (Damn you) had 40% off all cosmetics.  I really tried not to go but couldn't resist so on the last day I stocked up on seven nail polishes and two eye shadows.  If it wasn't for my son busting to go to the loo I think it would of been more.

Most of them were Sally Hansen, I just couldn't move past this section as I love their products.  I eventually did go through all the other brands but I found Sally Hansen to be the best value and they had the colours I was after.

Now just to show you my collection. Most are Chanel, but I am starting to broaden my horizons with other brands and I'm loving it.

This is only half the collection as image is at least 1 1/2 yrs old

Here is a pic of my other colours and brands that I own.

So you can see how my collection of different brands of polish has grown so rapidly.  Remember, I do not have a nail polish problem, I appreciate colour.