Goodyear Women with Drive Workshop Launch

Last week I was invited to preview the 'Women with Drive' workshop. Designed for women, Goodyear Autocare are giving us girls the opportunity to learn more about vehicle maintenance from checking your water levels, to changing a tyre.  

Growing up in the 80s, cars were easier to maintain and checking oil and water was a cinch due to the simplicity of the components under the bonnet.  Today, majority of cars are computerised with lots of confusing black boxes under the bonnet leaving us afraid to explore further and leaving it up to the mechanics to make sure our car runs smoothly.  

These workshops have been designed to given women confidence and basic knowledge on how to deal with any unplanned difficulties that may arise in between scheduled services like a flat tyer, overheating etc.

Whilst learning how to change a tyre, we were spoil with some oh so delicious cupcakes.

As we finished munching on cupcakes, we get down and dirty in changing a tyre.

What to look out for and knowing when it's time to change your tyres.

How to recharge your car battery correctly.

What an air cabin filter looks like when dirty and when it should be change by a mechanic.

Showing us where our brake pads are and also when they should be changed.

The Women with Drive program is a nationwide initiative, with approximately 40 Goodyear Autocare stores across Australia hosting the workshop between November 2013 and June 2014. 

Hosted by a qualified Goodyear Autocare mechanic, the sessions teach participants how to check their cars basic systems including fluids, electrics, belts, hoses, wipers, under body and tyres.

This year, Goodyear Autocare will be supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF). The OCRF is Australia’s pre-eminent body supporting ovarian cancer research and focus their efforts and funding on the search for an early detection test that will save women’s lives at its Women with Drive workshops.

Although the workshops are free they will have donation boxes and pins available at all venues. All money collected will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).  

Women interested in registering for an event can do so at for handy car-care tips.
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  1. I have never changed a tyre in my life, and wouldn't even know where to start! The workshops sound like a great confidence boost and yum - cupcakes!

  2. It's so good of Goodyear for providing the Women With Drive free workshops. It's really important to know about car maintenance before visiting a mechanic. Monique


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