As the skin ages over the years, its needs become more intense and changes gradually accumulate such as loss of firmness on the eyelids, facial contours and the neck. The skin loses its original tone, colour and radiance, all heightening the appearance of ageing.  

This is why it is important to give your beauty regime an overhaul every few years, to make sure we are giving our skin exactly what it needs.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Mask is an instant wrinkle filling gel mask, strengthened with firming Marine Hyaluronic Acid immediately smoothes your skin and fills in your wrinkles, leaving skin feeling refreshed and tone. Perfect for those who need an instant pick me up.  Ideal for any skin types and a must for over 30s.

The thick clear consistency of the gel mask is cooling and subtly scented.  I applied the mask on my face and left it on for almost 20 minutes.  My skin felt a little tingly and occasionally needed a little scratch here and there.  After I cleansed my face with luke warm water, I stood in front on the mirror poking and squeezing my skin and admiring the softness of my wrinkles.  

Here are before and after shots of my lip  and mouth area that I got the best results from that could be seen clearly in a photo.  The fine wrinkles on my forehead had also soften and become less visible, but I got better results around the mouth area which I am very pleased.

I having been using the Hyaluronic mask once a week. I found that my makeup sits better on my skin. Since using the Hyaluronic mask I no longer use a primer, which is great as I am not a big fan of primers but occassionally I need to use it for my makeup to look a lot smoother, so this product is great and perfect for skin preparation for any special event.  It is not a permanent fix for wrinkles, it will not fade your lines permanently or reduce them it is purely a temporary fix with amazing results.

Product reviewed on behalf of The Modern Woman Survival Guide.