This is one product I couldn't wait to purchase at Priceline and it certainly didn't disappoint.

Express Pedi was specifically developed for the professional removal of hard skin at home. The special roller surface makes it easy to effectively get rid of hard skin. A safety stop ensures safe use. This device is an ideal solution for removing hard skin from your feet in your own home.

Apart from using Milky foot every couple of months (read review here) to maintain feet softness, I try to exfoliate my feet several times a week.  When I say try that's exactly what I mean, TRY.  It becomes to difficult to scrub my feet in the shower so I make a mental note to do it when I'm out of the shower and 9 times out of 10 I forget or can't be bothered.  So when this Scholl device came out, I thought my prayers had been answered.

With it's rotating file, it takes the hard work out of filing and scrubbing feet and reducing the possibility of pulling a muscle.

With its ergonomic grip this battery operated foot file, you  roll it up and down the foot, including toes and it gently removes the dead skin and in 10 minutes your feet look in tip top condition.  When moisturising your feet the lotion is more likely to be absorbed and be more effective than if you applied cream on hard skin.

Blades are replaceable and available at all pharmacies.

Please note that if you have really thick hard skin it may take a few filing sessions to see a good result. This is why I think this is a perfect maintenance tool in conjunction with Milky Foot.

My overall rating 3.5/5