I have been dying to try the new chubbies by Clinique.  I remember a long long time ago when the chubbies were in and all brands were chubby eye pencils/crayons, then they disappeared from the market and were replaced with twisting crayons and pencils that were much thinner. Of course we all adapted to the new and improved products that came on the market but I always missed the ease of using a thick eye pencil.

Finally, my prayers had been answered and Clinique reintroduced their chubbies, starting a new trend of eye crayons.  These fantastic chubby sticks were recently launched in July and have been very successful (no surprise there).  There are twelve shades in the range.

The chubby twists up and down easily, so there is no need for a sharpener. The dome head of the pencil follows the natural curve and contour of the eyes beautifully, allowing easy, mistake-proof application.  

The colour goes on lightly and can be gradually darken by repeat use without irritating the eyelid due to its soft and smooth creamy texture. It’s a soft almost powdery feel and sets shortly afterwards and does not fade with touch, lasting all day.  The best thing about this product is that no blending is required!

As you can see from my photos (do not look at the brows, they need plucking!) one eye was done in around a minute.  Usually when applying shadow I could be in the bathroom for around 10 minutes applying and blending.

For more on Clinique's Chubby Sticks go to their website

This product was provided for review by The Modern Women Survival Guide