ASAP Super A+ Serum Review

We all want to look as young as we feel, but unfortunately skin ageing seems an inevitable part of life. Sun exposure, lifestyle choices and the environment can all take its toll.  So how can we take control and combat the visible signs of ageing? The answer, Vitamin A.

Combining high strength Vitamin A with a cutting-edge biomimetic peptide, ASAP super A+ serum improves and accelerate skin’s renewal process, visibly reducing the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. 

This anti-ageing serum works overnight to help hydrate, repair and regenerate environmentally damaged skin while stimulating collagen production and accelerating skin cell turnover. Its revolutionary, non-irritating formulation is suitable for all skin types and visibly improves skin texture.

I used the Super A+ serum for over 4 weeks, which allowed the benefits to be visibly seen. I originally applied the serum every night but found it a little too active for my skin so I applied it every 3rd night which was more suitable for me. Everyone is different and you need to experiment to what best suits your skin. The persistence is definitely worth it. Regardless of what products I was using I hadn't seen such amazing results so quickly. My skin is smoother and brighter and fine lines softened, which is a plus.

ASAP super A+ serum is ideal for older, prematurely aged skin or skin that has lost its vitality, elasticity and moisture.   I recommend using the Super B complex in conjunction with the Super A+ serum to maximise the benefits.  (See Super B complex review here).

Product provided for review by The Modern Women Survival Guide