Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Shave Cream Review

Neutrogena is renowned for their quality products for all ages.  A brand that has been around for decades has now introduced a Men's range. Hooray!

I received two products, Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Shave Cream and Neutrogena Men Triple Protect Face Lotion (you can read the review here).

Hubby loves when new brands come out, he isn't afraid to try and compare products if he knows its for the better.  I wish he was just as opened minded about his skincare regime.

Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Shave Cream is oil-free and no foam formula.  Skin Clearing Shave Cream provides a close shave and helps give you clear, healthy-looking skin.   The glycerin and moisturisers form a protective barrier between your face and razor to minimise irritation and provide a great shave. 

The Shave cream is light but has a thick consistency.  Hubby trialled this product for two weeks and found his skin has become less irritated.  He found using the Skin Clearing Shave Cream made his razor glide smoothly over his face without over shaving the same area that usually causes irritation.  Shaving time was reduced and the end result better.  

His overall comment - I really like this product. I like the texture and thickness and the cream covers my face easily.  My skin doesn't feel dry, sensitive or sting.  I feel that I'm shaving closer without the blades irritating my skin.

Overall rating - 4/5

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