Gluten Free Expo 2013

When: Friday 30 August 2013
Where: Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush

The Gluten Free Expo is for all coeliacs and gluten intolerant peeps.  Of course if you are neither but follow a gluten free diet, this is the place to visit. With Coles being the principal sponsor, there were many exhibitors providing samples and products for purchase, a great opportunity to snap up new and existing products and great prices.

I attended the Gluten Free Expo as media and was part of an intimate group to hear about Coles new Gluten Free range.  Of course, being a biccie lover I had already discovered the Anzacs and Chocolate chip cookies, they are just divine.  

Dr Sue Shepherd, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, who has been diagnosed with coeliac disease, passionately spoke about the difficulty in dealing with the disease and finding the right foods in shops.  Up until now gluten free products were mainly found in health food or speciality stores at inflated prices making it unaffordable for some people.

With extensive research, Coles has launched a new range called 'Simply Gluten Free' with 40 new products already on the shelves in Coles Supermarkets nationally, it will become the destination for shoppers who are gluten intolerant or suffering coeliac disease. The new range has been developed with a focus on convenience, taste and price.  The range includes pizza bases, pasta, cereals, cakes, breads, and snacks. The Simply Gluten Free range is available in stores now and is easily identifiable with its sunny yellow packaging. Products are located in the health food aisle, freezer and the bakery.

The Coles Simply Gluten Free range aims to offer delicious, convenient, quality products that don’t compromise on taste. Couple this with the fact that Coles have the Simply Gluten Free available at a great price, the gluten free diet can now be varied and affordable to all who need it – and friends and family who don’t!”

Here are some of the goodies we got to try.

With such a large range of products covering all the basics Coles have really out done themselves by really knowing what a customer needs. With prices almost the same as regular products it makes it easier for consumers to afford these specialised products without burning a whole in your pocket.



Yummy chips

My fave Anzac biscuits

Did you know that Coles had to go through extensive testing and assessment to get approval to use the name 'Anzac'  from Veteran Affairs?   With ingredients like quinoa and cornflakes, it is amazing that the taste is exactly like Anzac biscuits.

Special thanks to Digital Parents Collective